When it comes to communicating with your team from a startup to outsourcing, you need a reliable way to chat face-to-face. For the longest time that was Skype and then Google Hangouts came along and changed the game. Each one however, has its own little barrier to entry. It requires both parties to be connected as friends and blah blah blah! Recently a couple of startups as set out to change the way we communicate and just how easy it should be. Here are the best alternatives to Google Hangouts and Skype.


Appear.in is my favorite out of these two alternatives. It works like this, you create a customized url on the homepage and then send that link to up to eight other people for free. As soon as they click the link, they are in your video chat room and you are connected. No setup, no accounts. How simple is that?! You can also “Claim” a room and give yourself exclusive access to its use or even “Lock” the room to keep prying eyes at bay.

Once your room is claimed, you can customize the background, use their Chrome extension to see if someone is in your room at all times and create/change a password for the room.


The other alternative is basically the same thing but doesn’t look as cool on the surface is Awesometalk. Again, you are given a specific url to share with your team or friends and once they click through the link, you are in business. Although Awesometalk does not seem to carry the same kind of features as appear.in it is a simple and effective way to connect to the people you need too.

For some, using services like Skype or Google Hangouts may not be an issue. From personal use, these services are clunky and takes a while to get started. They only downfall is you cannot stream to Youtube or record your conversation, that is best left for Hangouts. But, if you need a quick connection, an important video meeting or simply want to create a private room for you and your friends as you pwn some noobs!!!!! then these alternatives are well worth a try.