Everyone knows that I’m a huge outsourcing freak. If I can outsource or automate it, I will. I guard my time viciously and because of how much I value my time, I don’t go shopping (I use a monthly subscription for clothes) and I don’t go to the store for things I can get on Amazon (thank you Prime!).


I’ve had a lot of people ask me about getting started outsourcing, mainly what they should start with. In this post we’ll do a simple exercise to help you specifically and then I’ll share the 5 things I think everyone should outsource without question.


Creating Your Hit List

When creating your list, we want to create a list that will give you back your freedom and allow you to focus on the more important parts of your business.


Task You Don’t Like Doing

The obvious first 3 tasks should be the things you simply don’t enjoy doing, such as repetitive daily, weekly or even monthly tasks. Write those down now.


Task You Don’t Know How To Do

Would you rather spend your time learning how to do something trivial or make more sales? The answer should be pretty obvious. Specific things just need to be outsourced as it will save you a ton of time in learning how to do them. These tasks can be skills such as SEO, Graphic Design etc. However, if you enjoy learning these things, then by all means, do them!


Tasks You Shouldn’t Be Doing

What are some tasks you do on a daily or weekly basis, you know you shouldn’t be doing? Write those down as well! Everyone within a business should focus on playing a role, including yourself. What kind of tasks would the CEO of a business NOT do? Remember, we are building a team to make your business more profitable, NOT wastefully outsource.


You know should have a nice size list of things you should be outsourcing right away. I have to remind you that the goal of outsourcing isn’t just to free up your time as the founder or CEO, but to give you more time to focus on what is important within the business like increasing revenue and profits. Don’t outsource social media marketing if it does nothing for your business. Be smart!

5 Things Everyone Should Outsource

If this is your first time hiring a VA (Virtual Assistant) I highly suggest you ease in with a GVA (General Virtual Assistant) that can cover a small batch of tasks easily for you.


*When hiring a GVA include every task they will be responsible for in the job description. Never drop a load of tasks on your VA without properly training them.


Tasks a GVA should be able to do with minimal training are research, maintain social media accounts, manage your calendar, upload your recent blog posts and maintain a publishing schedule, make small personal purchases on your behalf and most important your GVA can eventually move into a project management role to manage your team as it grows!


Your GVA is your starting point and your holy grail of building a true team.


Here are the 5 things you should be outsourcing:

1. Research

I unfortunately spend a decent amount of time doing research, but I’ve found that I could easily create a system/document (shared Google Drive Doc) that makes it super easy for my GVA to do the research and present her findings in an easy to digest form. No more spending hours searching through Google!


2. WordPress Fixes

All hail WordPress… Free themes for days and a countless amount of plugins, but for some this can even take up to much time. I’ve used WordPress for a long time, so most changes don’t take long, but I sometimes get locked into the WordPress dark hole and it’s 5+ hours later. Instead, I’ve created a Trello board for my site. It’s basically the Hub where I put in all content ideas and design ideas. One board saves me a huge amount of time is the “Changes” board. The Changes board is for my GVA. Whatever is on that board will get done each week.


3. Search Engine Optimization

Do you honestly think you have enough time to keep up with the ever evolving world of SEO? Unless you do SEO full time for a living, you don’t. SEO is a tricky one to outsource because there are a lot of low quality people to outsource this to. Do some (not your VA on this one) research and find someone who is already outsourcing this task successfully and ask for an introduction to use their VA.


4. Video Editing

This has become a hot topic lately and something I would love to get into. Video adds such an amazing level of content and visuals to a site. It really shouldn’t be neglected. Making the videos yourself is the easy part, but putting them all together into a seamless, beautiful with gorgeous graphics is an art. Leave this one to a VA who knows what they are doing!


5. Any Sort of Development

Unless you are a developer yourself or actually interested in learning to develop (like myself) you shouldn’t even mess with this one. Development can cost you a lot of money, but can easily cost you years of learning on your own for a half-baked app that still doesn’t do what you want. Save yourself years and outsource your ideas to bring them to market 10x faster than on your own.


* I highly suggest you at least become familiar with technical concepts to better understand and communicate with your developer, though.


Some of the above tasks a GVA can easily do, but don’t expect your GVA to do Development and SEO. When outsourcing you must think in terms of roles. A GVA should only do general tasks that you can do without special skills. Something with a developer, only hire for the developer role.


I’ve used outsourcing in my business as well as my personal life and it has completely changed my outlook on what is possible. It’s time for you to take back your freedom, increase your profits and build a team that works while you sleep.