March has been a great month. I’ve pretty much reached my financial goal for personal training, but I would really like to increase it a bit more just as a buffer. Over spring break I was able to go rock climbing, enjoy all you can eat sushi and spend some quality time with my girlfriend.


I’m so glad to be writing these monthly posts and holding myself accountable. So, let’s dive right in…


Travel Hacking


I’ve been studying travel hacking for some time and even wrote a finance post on my friend Bryce’s site It wasn’t until this month that I really jumped completely into the hobby. So far I’ve applied for 4 new cards and successfully got bonus points from 2. I received the 3rd card today in the mail and will have the points within the end of the week.


Now that I understand how valuable this hobby is, I will never go back. It greatly decreases the cost of travel so that even a full time college student like myself can afford to travel around the world without breaking the bank each time.


Golf Mastery


At the time of writing this posts (I do things way too early!) I’ve gone to the driving range once which is a 100% increase since last month. My main goal at this time is to go twice a month and I think I can easily make that happen.


The biggest hurdle for this goal is the financial cost associated with playing and equipment. For a little over 100 balls at the driving range is $13 which is not bad at all, but I live in Florida, where we’re surrounded by top tier golf/country clubs that never bat an eye at charging you $100+ for a round of golf.


Obviously I’ll be using apps like Golf Now to find deals when I actually play a course, but this is not something I can afford to do every single week. So my frequency will have to stay low which vastly decreases the time it will take to achieve this goal.


I’m going to need to get very creative with the time I do have for this goal! Any thoughts or resources would be greatly appreciated in the comments below.


Personal Training


This is my current sole income at the moment all thanks to going back to school and not having time at my disposal as I once had. Initially I was happy if I had 13 clients in total training a mixture of 2 and 3 times each week. I’ve done that in record time and just found out that my closing percentage was higher than anyone at my facility.


I’m making more than I thought I would need, but truth be told I could totally take on more clients and I intend to do so. Remember how I mentioned paying for a full round of golf each week is a stretch? If I had 5 more clients it wouldn’t be a stretch anymore. Even better, having more disposable income is always a massive benefit to quality of life.


Increasing my income even more would allow me to save more towards my financial goals, invest more each month or simply move closer towards living my ideal life each and every day.


Hiking The Appalachian Trail


As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m decreasing the timeframe of this trip from a full week to a simply weekend. The main reason is the cost of gear that I may never use again. I do have a pack that would be perfect for a weekend trip and will hold enough supplies for me to not die on my last day. This also gives me a better insight into what a full week would actually be like.


So for now I’m switching my plan to just a weekend, but the same reason stands.


How I Did In March


At glance I wouldn’t consider March a successful month, but after really thinking about it to write this post I believe otherwise. I’m training more clients than I had before I left, I’m consistently churning a ton of travel miles for pennies and I’m getting myself back on track with measuring everything each and every week.


I’ve noticed a massive increase in mood while writing this type of post each month so I’m very glad to have brought them back!


Goals For April


Here is everything I need to get done in April in as detailed as I can get:


  1. Add 5 new personal training clients
  2. Hit the driving range a minimum of twice
  3. Plan a trip using the miles I have made using travel hacking
  4. Work on a plan for my hiking trip!


I’m also getting better with the images I use for my posts. This is a personal blog after all and I want to give you a glimpse into my life and I can’t just do that through words. From now on every post I publish will have a feature image of myself or taken by myself.


I’ve also been completely hooked on the idea of making short videos for either a specific post or topic. I may even make an accompanying video for each post so if you want to watch instead of read, you can look at my pretty face.


I want to hear what your goals are for April! Post 3 massive goals you have to accomplish this month in the comments.