The past couple of months have been a complete blur. It started with an idea to create a documentary about real life hackers and filming them exploiting vulnerable networks. As I met more and more hackers I delved into an underworld that has no name. I grew closer and closer to my new friends and eventually became one of them.

Ok, maybe that’s not exactly what happened but do you blame me for building expense?

In all reality my thirst for learning to code has been a long journey. I would commit to learning, get confused because I had no clue what language to start with or what the hell I could actually make and then give up. The problem; I wanted to learn every language so I could make anything my mind creates.

I have tried and failed multiple times to learn how to program but something changed all of that. With the growing open sourced information in todays age, all information is laid out at our feet. Not only do we have access to programming information but we have access to The Peoples University. The first university that is online, free and accredited. You should know the value in todays information and how free it is.

So, how do you become a coder/programmer within a month? I will focus on a couple of tools, although not free will give you a boost of knowledge that you can then begin using to build your own projects. You will need no prior knowledge of coding.

One Month Rails or OMR as it is called is a complete crash course teaching you how to program in Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails is a programming language that allows you to quickly build a prototype of your project without the hassle of coding every aspect of it. Essentially, you utilize a library of “Gems” which can be considered plugins. Want to add user accounts to your project? Use a gem called Devise. Don’t know CSS or HTML but still want your site to look structured and amazing? Use Bootstrap! One Month Rails shows you how to use this language while rebuilding a lite but fully functional version of Pinterest. Overall this course is a little over 6 hours. This course should be used over a completely dead weekend or an extended weekend where you have some time to dedicate and knock it out.

After you have completed OMR, shouldn’t take more than a couple of days, it is time to delve into more Ruby so you fully understand its components and how to code with it. You have two options at this point and neither one is better than the other.

Option one is Team Treehouse. For $25 a month you have access to courses on CSS, HTML, iPhone Apps, Andriod Apps, Ruby and Rails. Needless to say, it’s well worth your investment. Similar to One Month Rails, Team Treehouse teaches you coding through videos and building real projects. Although each course is taught by a different instructor, each course is somewhat consistent. Not everything is screen recorded which is a nice break while learning over an extended period of time.

Similar to Team Treehouse is your second option, Code Academy. Code Academy, just like Team Treehouse has great feedback and reviews. Pricing is relatively similar and is charged on a monthly basis.

Each of these options are worth your time and money and give you access to an incredible amount of knowledge and community. Whenever something is updated, so are the courses. Each site is actively updating the kinds of courses they offer and are on top of their game when it comes to customer support and really making sure you understand all of the knowledge.

Once you have completed these courses and have a great foundation of knowledge, it is advised to build your own ideas to test your knowledge. If you are completely fried and brain dead from your new found skills, you can use sites like Code Wars to put your skills to the test.

If you are building any of your projects or simply get stuck somewhere, there are a couple of options to solve your problem. Each of the sites above has their own active community who are eager to help explain anything to you and help you work through the problem. If you are, for some odd reason unable to get an answer on these sites you will need to discover the best resources for coders online. Stack Overflow is a community created simply for sharing your knowledge with others and asking questions. Remember, coding is 25% coding and 75% error/bug fixes (or something like that…)

Above is your blueprint for learning how to code in Ruby on Rails. After the courses are completed you should have enough information to begin freelancing, get a job or simply take your idea to life. Entrepreneurs do not wait to find a technical co-founder. Real entrepreneurs either find funding to hire a developer or figure it out yourself. So what are you waiting for? Go bring your idea to life and take on a learning challenge.