I have finally seen some results from my SEO efforts in regards to my niche site experiment! Although I still have a decent amount of a mountain to climb to reach page one of Google’s search results for my targeted keywords, Progress is being made. I now am fully confident that SEO is the way to go when it comes to growing traffic for a small site which is fully targeted. This allows you to build your audience within a short period of time which is crucial.

Niche websites are very interesting to me. I love seeing how scalable the whole thing is but it is definitely not an easy feat to accomplish. Some people have reported spending close to ten thousand dollars to build their small “Empire” of niche sites. Once flipped and if done properly, you are able to turn these sites for a decent multiple of their monthly revenue. There are many different ways to achieve this niche site empire goal. You can either aim for a large quantity of sites which each generate a low amount of income each month or you can do the opposite and build fewer sites which in return generate a larger amount of income each month.

I do aim for the latter of the two as there is less work involved and you are able to generate a larger payoff once each site is flipped. If you are selling each site on an average of 10x of their monthly income then which one would you choose?

As an example if you build 20 sites each generating at least $10 a month that is $200 a month. So once each site is flipped for their respective 10x, you have turned your $200 into $2,000. Still, not a very bad return on your multiple. You still need to consider your investment per site. Purchased domains($10), Hosting($5/Month), Content, if outsourced($50-60). So that could be roughly $90 per site! Not including your time investment into keyword research which takes a decent amount of time at the beginning.

Now let’s do that same situation with 10 sites which each generate at least $100 a month. You’r initial investment should be roughly the same but let’s just say it is $100 to make each site. So once all of your sites are build and optimized they are generating you roughly $1,000 a month. Honestly, I would consider keeping them at this point, I mean, come on, $1,000 a month is pretty good and relatively passive.

But back to my point!

You then flip all of your sites for their respective 10x of their monthly earnings which will yield you at least $10,000. Now $10,000 seems much better than $2,000 or maybe that is just me. If you were to keep with this method but build 50+ sites a year, you would be making $50,000 per year in income. That is pretty good for not really breaking your back. This brings me to my most favorite part of this whole situation.

At this point, you are completely location independent. You can build your sites from anywhere in the world and enjoy your earnings anywhere in the world. Utilizing the Geo-Arbitrage method, you are able to move to a new city or preferably a completely new country with an extremely low living expense. So instead of needing $2,500 a month to live, you may only need $1,000-$1,500. This not only allows you to travel the world with a recurring income but you are able to live quite wealthy in other countries. Have you ever wanted a maid, someone to purchase your groceries each week and have every little pesky task automated? Talk about living the ideal life!

By Arbitrage, you are granting yourself new world experiences, more productive time because of your automation processes and are able to literally build your online income. Sounds pretty good too me!

So why isn’t everyone doing this then? Well, to be honest it isn’t that easy to do. Keyword research alone my stop you in your tracks. There is so many resources to learn how to make this happen and so many details in the kool aid. From keyword research to SEO to what kind of monetization…. Luckily because you are building so many sites, you are able to experiment with each variation of what a niche site can be.

It is very easy to get caught in the trade of always needing to learn more. There are thousands of courses, tools and resources that will gladly take your payment to help ease your pain. I can assure you, they will not. There is always something more to learn and something cool to check out. Learn the basics and stick with that! Focus on learning keyword research, find your first keywords. Focus on building your site, then actually build it. Next, focus on writing or outsourcing your targeted keyword content, then actually do it. Congrats, you have your first niche site live! Now, focus on optimizing your SEO(Short Answer: High PR back-links that are Relevant!) Then actually build your back-links and do your SEO. Once your site is ranking, decide how you plan to monetize(Ads, Affiliate Offers or Your own info products). Now go and profit.

So to be easily read:

1. Keyword Research
2. Build Site
3. Add Content(SEO Optimized content!)
4. Publish. Your LIVE!
5. SEO Optimize Your Entire Site (High PR back-links that are Relevant!)
6. Profit $$
7. Keep or Flip for a 10-12x monthly earnings.
8. Repeat 😉

I am still on step 6 myself and working towards my first profit from the site and see how I can make that grow. Now, my site is built around Amazon Affiliate products so each time someone clicks on the product and purchases through my link, I get between a 4-7% commission. So your first step is number 1! Go and begin building you’r empire.