I know this title may seem a bit weird considering we live in a free country….. but think about it, are you really free after all? Can you decide on a Tuesday morning that you will lay in bed all day or take a flight somewhere you have never been? If your answer is no, you my friend are not free at all. You see, true freedom gives us the ability to do whatever we want at any time we want. So, how do you get your freedom?

The Theory

Buying your freedom comes down to one variable; How much you need each month to live. For some reason I hear people say they only need $100,000 to live the life they want but in reality you can live any life you want as long as you can firstly pay your bills. For most people, they want to be wealthy or rich because they can do whatever they want from day to day. Yet, you do not need to be rich or wealthy to achieve this goal.

Before you can begin writing the check to buy your freedom, you need to know how much it will cost you. If your monthly expenses (house, car, food, etc..) is $2,500 a month then you will need $30,000 to buy a years worth of your time. This number may seem very daunting but look at it from a monthly perspective, not an annual one.

If you are not happy with the price tag of your freedom for an alloted time, give yourself a discount. Learning the ideology of being a minimalist can help you cut expenses and live a much better life. The idea here is to have less things but more time and money. Do you honestly need a brand new car with a $500 monthly payment? Cutting that out of the equation saves you $6,000 a year, now making the price of your freedom $24,000. What else can you cut out of your life? Any expense that is not necessary to your living can go and finance your freedom. Imagine being able to travel the world for two or three years or working towards finding your new passion because you know how to finance your freedom.

How To Finance Your Freedom

That all sounds great but how the hell do I begin buying my freedom? I don’t have $30-$50,000 to do this…. Neither do I so don’t worry!

Before you can purchase your freedom we need to switch your mindset once more. Instead of looking at the total amount you need we need to focus on creating a monthly income that matches or exceeds your goal. Lets say your goal is to move to South East Asia for a year (Just me?….) and you know that you can live there very comfortably on $1,000 a month. This includes a fully furnished home, a maid/cook, all the adventure you can handle and Wifi. Our goal is now to create a small income, preferably online that can sustain $1,000 a month. Lets look at the various ways to build that income.

Building Your Income

Do not expect what I am about to tell you to be revolutionary or finance your freedom overnight. These methods take time to refine, a learning period and failure. Thats right, you WILL fail while trying some of these but we all know that failure is not a bad thing but something to help build your foundation. Here are some ideas of ways to create income online.


If you have read any book on making money online you have been introduced to creating courses and ebooks. There are stories and case studies of people making thousands of dollars a month from one single ebook. That wont be you, sorry…. You will instead focus on creating a product that makes at least $500 a month. Anything over that amount will be icing on the cake.

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Although this is not the ideal way to finance your freedom, it is a great start and something that you can do in the short-term right now. The main skills that you should freelance are anything programming, writing etc…. Although freelancing can be really good money, you still haven’t bought your freedom of time yet.


I know, I know…. The college blogger who makes $100 a month dosn’t sound too promising but blogging has now become an actual career as thousands of people make full time incomes from their sites. Some even have multiple sites that can generate incomes that rival what doctors make. These bloggers create the highest amount of valuable content that people are actively looking for. Essentially what they are doing is create their own platform with an audience that is begging for more. Using either advertising, sponsorships or even creating their own courses or info products that sell day after day without their involvement. The goal here is to achieve passive income. A goal of which you are able to decrease your involvement yet continue or even increase the income generated by the revenue stream.

In Conclusion

Obviously there are hundreds of ways to achieve true financial freedom. Entire books are written specifically to describe them and how to begin creating your own revenue streams.

Freedom is well within your reach, much more than you think. Know how much your time is worth and begin by financing your life yourself. After all, a job is merely a way to finance our lives so why not replace your job and finance your life on your own terms?


If you have any other ideas on how you would replace your income or finance your ideal life, share them in the comments!