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The 7 Best Entrepreneur Blogs (According To Me!)

Being an entrepreneur I understand the value of staying up to date and continuously learning new skills. It is very important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends that this crazy world keeps throwing at us.

I try not to watch to much tv, opting to instead follow a couple tv shows and the occassional movie playing in the background as I fall asleep. I also stay away from daily news as it is usually quite depressing anyways. Instead I focus on reading high-quality content that delivers entertainment and value. I rely entirely on these blogs to increase my knowledge and progress myself. Bloggers have the unique ability to tell you how it really is and express their honest opinions on a topic.

In the world of entrepreneur blogs, there is enough to keep you reading for an entire lifetime. So how do you weed through the crap and get down to the valuable stuff? You keep reading this post….

This is the reason for this entire post. I want to help you jump into a community of like-minded entrepreneur bloggers, micro-business owners and over-all awesome people. The people in this list are important to me because they embody similar ideals, have inspired me and for some, helped me make money.

Note: These blogs are not listed in any particular order.

1. Tim Ferriss’ ‘Experiments in Lifestyle Design’

Almost everyone knows Tim Ferriss in some way. His 4 Hour Work Week book changed my perception of this world and opened my eyes through entrepreneurship. He practically shaped a part of my mind and who I am today. His blog features many experiments from business to smart drugs.

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2. Pat Flynn’s ‘Smart Passive Income”

Patt has achieved something incredible over the course of a couple of years. After being fired from his architecture job, he was forced to do things on his own. Instead of being depressed or accepting failure, he rose up and created an empire. Sense being fired he has created a monthly income that rivals above average yearly salaries. This is a must read internet business blog, podcast and one of the best entrepreneur blogs out there.

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3.Chris Ducker

Chris not only has what should  be an award winning blog but also a podcast. His content is something of an addicting taste and keeps you excited for his next work. His attitude is something I envy. Always passionate and positive. Chris is someone you should not only learn from on a business standpoint (as he is quite successful!) but also on a personal level. I just purchased his book, Virtual Freedom which has, within a few days, sky rocketed up the best sellers list on Amazon and has amazing reviews!

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4. Chris Guillebeau’s ‘The Art of Non-Conformity’

The $100 Startup helped hundreds of thousands of people think differently about starting a business. He practically destroyed the traditional beliefs and risks of starting your own thing. He has traveled to every country in the world (achieving his life goal) and built a cult like community of crazy thinkers out to change this world for the better.

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5. Noah Kagan’s ‘Ok Dork’

Noah created the massive business App Sumo with a simple idea. He focuses and teaches validating your ideas without spending money and without wasting your most valuable resource, time. I have personally gone through his recent course Monthly1K and can attest to his comical yet effective methods of starting a company.

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6. The Tropical MBA

Dan and Ian are true pioneers in every definition of the word. Although not exactly a blog and more of a podcast, this duo deliveers every single time. From talks on outsourcing product development to China to being a digital nomad and traveling the world while being a CEO.

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7. New-Startups

This blog is truly amazing. Through the week they post the coolest new startups and resources for you to use through your journey. The best part, Friday! Every Friday they do a post titled “Friday Quick links”. I literally look forward to this post every single week. Although their site is more on sharing other startups and the cool things people are doing and not teaching entrepreneurs are anything like that, their site is something you should never go without!

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Put All Of These Blogs In One Place

For the longest time I was going site to site, not really knowing when they would update their blog. Luckily I found Feedly and it saved me so much time. If your on the homepage of any blog put “/feed” at the end of the url and you are taken to a weird code looking structure. Take this new url and put it into Feedly’s search bar and click the follow button. Now, every blog you are interested in reading is within the dashboard and upated as soon as a new post goes live. Every morning I check Feedly, either through the site or the mobile app and catch up on what I am interested in. No more going to a site in hopes of an update.

Share your best entrepreneur blogs in the comment section below, and feel free to include a link to YOUR blog, too (if you’re blogging – not just ‘marketing!) – I’d love to check it out!

the best entrepreneur podcasts

Top 5 Entrepreneur Podcasts You Should Be Listening Too

I am a huge nerd when it comes to Blogs and Podcasts! I sometimes spend way to much time learning than actually implementing (Something I am working on changing now!). No matter what stage you are at with your entrepreneurial journey it is important to continue learning and apply your new found knowledge. The top podcasts contain some of the most amazing and skilled people ever. You can practically find a podcast on anything! Go on iTunes right now and search for something your interested in and subscribe to the first podcast that comes up. You will be amazed!

Here Are My Top 5 Entrepreneur Podcasts:

  1. Tropical MBA – By far one of the most enlightening podcasts out there. Dan and Ian both are digital nomads and completely location independent with their business. They travel all across the world and spend most of their time in Asia where they live very well on less than $1,500 per month! Something I am currently trying to do myself.
  2. The Smart Passive Income Podcast – This podcast is the brother of a very well known blog SmartPassiveIncome.com or SPI as it is referred too. Pat Flynn focuses on teaching his audience and readers how to succeed with online business, without charging you anything! His podcast includes some very well known interviewees who shed light on some of the hardest problems internet entrepreneurs face.
  3. Niche Pursuits – Another podcast with a brother blog over at NichePuruits.com. Spencer Haws spends his time building niche sites and then monetizing them through Advertising or Affiliate sales. Each site is aimed at making 500 per month or more. By building his portfolio of sites, Spencer was able to quit his job and now works full-time on his business and teaching others how to do the same.
  4. Entrepreneur On Fire – This podcast is currently on it’s 455th episode. John is completely dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs succeed by interviewing successful entrepreneurs on how they achieved their goals. His does not focus on any one type of business or model but aims to find the gems from all of is interviewees to help you achieve your goals.
  5. The Foolish Adventure Show – I am brand new to this show but so far love it! Extremely insighteful and energetic. Focusing on finding demand and providing solutions this show is a great listen and well worth your ear time. These guys are hilarious and great when it comes to finding niches and how to monetize them.

Podcasts can add up to a lot of listen time but instead of watching tv, looking at Facebook on the computer or listening to music while in your car, listen to a dam podcast and learn something! All of these sites are giving you free knowledge and sharing their experience with you. Take their information and run with it!

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