With 2015 coming up so quickly I feel it necessary to find a way to easily achieve your goal and become an expert on the subject or skill at the same time.

I always wanted to write a book. It wasn’t until last year that I considered writing about a specific subject. Years ago, I gave network marketing a try. My family seemed to be doing well with it, but I wasn’t. I wrote this experience off until I read a key chapter in The Millionaire Fastlane. The author used network marketing to explain something you don’t want to do in business.

Although the author was completely against being a cog in the network marketing model (you should be the owner, NOT the promoter), he made a statement that changed my perception and increased my curiosity.

He mentioned how, at these meetings, many of the promoters don’t make much if anything, but also talk about Dave who makes $10,000 a month. He then mentioned how people like Dave are outliers. For some reason, I never looked at the industry or specific company as a whole.

There are outliers in every industry, subject or skill we are learning about. So if our goal is to become top 5-10% in any industry, subject or skillset, we need to find patterns or trends to follow.

What’s the difference between the masses who make less than $500 a month in network marketing versus the select few who make $10,000+ a month?

If you stand back and look at something as a whole, you can begin to build and analyze data. By doing so you see the 20% of efforts and actions that yield 80% of the outliers success. What actions are a waste and what are the daily actions the really push you further and further towards your goal?


Creating Your Project

Being a data nerd is not a requirement because we are going to turn this into a project. We are going to start a blog/website. The sole purpose of this site is for us to better organize our thoughts and data for reference later.

This blog will be your hub. A place to keep everything you learn on your new journey.

Action Step 1: Create a simple blog that you can easily publish posts on specific data points or thoughts you learn as you move forward.


Data Mining For The Rest of Us

So how will we build our data to find patterns or trends? We won’t be hacking the mainframe and using complex data-spreadsheets. It’s much simpler than that; we are going to talk to people.

If you wanted to be in the top 5% of an industry, skillset etc, would you learn from someone who is at the same stage as you or a group of people who are in the top 5%? Once you understand the basics, you need to reach out to those who have recently accomplished your goal. Reach out to these people, find a way to meet them and pick their brain.

But what if they won’t meet with me?

Use your blog! While reaching out to this group of people, explain that you are writing an in-depth post on something specific you wish to learn about (which you actually will be doing!). It’s important to build a decent blog that someone would want to read. Include your site in your email or message. You have a much higher chance of success in doing so.

Action Step 2: Create a list of people who have specifically done what you want to do and reach out to them.


Finding Patterns Through Connections

As you meet and learn from the best, you will notice patterns; things that all of them do, think or don’t do. These outliers have things in common in some way. What are theirs routines, their daily tasks or the specifics on their NOT to do list?

Keep track of this their responses and log their data. After you’ve talked to a handful, you will know what to do.

Napoleon wrote about masterminds and how to tap into unlimited knowledge. This group of people will act as your knowledge cabinet.

Going back to my example; If I know that Dan makes $10,000, he should be on my cabinet, but for something very specific. Let’s say Dan knows how to take someone from $0 to $1,000 per month in no time. Whenever I have early stage questions or don’t understand something, he is my go to guy.

Then there is Jake. Jake has an amazing talent of growing his business online. Let’s assume I have no understanding of Internet Marketing. Do I just give up because I have no clue what to do or do I reach out to Jake for some guidance and shortcuts?

Your cabinet will consist of unlimited knowledge that you can tap into at any given time. Build real relationships with these people, find a way to help them selflessly and it will pay dividends down the road.

NEVER do anything on your own!

Action Step 3: Write down everything you learn from your interviews/meetings. Compile your notes and turn them into easily digestible posts for your blog. Ask about their routines, daily habits etc…. Keep a simple spreadsheet with this information to easily dissect patterns.


Putting It All Together

By now, you’ve created a platform to leverage and organize your learning and knowledge. You’ve meet and built relationships with a group of people who have successfully done what you aim to do. Most importantly, you’ve quickly built a wealth of knowledge that allows you to create a direct path and framework for achieving your goal.

Most people guess and just experiment while learning a new skill or going after a new goal in life, but your aren’t most people. You will create an easy to follow roadmap, supported by data through your interviews that practically guarantees your success.

At this point you may have also built a community around your site of others with similar goals. Use this community to build a mastermind group and hold each other accountable.

Action Step 4: Go actually do it!