If you are stuck in finding business ideas or not sure what to do next, I want to explain something more people should understand but haven’t been exposed too. Lowering the barrier to entry for anything is possible with some work and a holistic knowledge of what you are looking at. This can be done from anything, someones job to large organizations. As technology grows ever faster, its goal is simple: make something easier.

Our goal as an entrepreneur should be quite similar. After all we want to create something that helps people right? Then make it simpler, easier and better than the rest.

We can begin doing this by picking our niche or industry. Let’s say you want to heavily improve the corporate lifestyle of the millions of cubicle workers. We first need to examine every aspect of their day to day. Every task and requirement requested of them to successfully complete their job. Once we have all of this data, we hold a gold mine of ideas that we never had to think of ourselves.

Our next goal is to determine either the most painful or most time consuming task in our data. We do this by actually speaking with our target audience, i.e. people who work in cubicles. Our answers will vary per person but eventually a pattern will emerge and give us an insight. If over 70% of our audience feels pain with the same task, there is a problem with it.

Our most important goal is to figure out a way to solve this problem. Our goal should be to do this with software if possible as it takes away the human aspect. If our audiences most painful problem is being effective with spreadsheets and therefor not being able to get them done in time, we may be able to find a way to automate the creation of the spreadsheet through our own web app. If not, we find a way to hack our spreadsheet skills and optimize our time while working.

Once we have successfully solved this problem, we offer it to our audience for testing and optimization. Then, we launch our new product and help change the daily life of our audience.

Obviously my example skills are lacking detail and flash but you get the general idea:

  • ┬áFind A Target Audience To Help
  • ┬áDetermine All Tasks Associated
  • ┬áLocate Most Painful Or Time Consuming Task (Actually Speaking To Your Audience)
  • ┬áFind A Way To Solve This Problem Via web app, mobile app or information product
  • ┬áTest For Results, Optimize and Launch
  • ┬áSave The Planet!

Now go out into the world my fellow entrepreneurs and make this world better!

Note: Please comment your thoughts on this post! What would you change about it to make it better?

To Your Success,