Building a list and using autoresponders within your business can yield amazing results, from sales to free traffic. You can get free, limited mail accounts but they almost never come with a free autoresponder. To solve this little problem that I personally had recently, we are going to use two free tools to “hack” together our autoresponder in more ways than one.

Step One:

Before anything else we need to create a free account with MailChimp (Affiliate Link). Once you have taken care of the basics of creating your account, we then need to setup our new list for our subscribers to be placed in. In your dashboard to the left, click “Lists”. At the top right corner you will see the following button: create new list button   Click it and begin filling out the short form for all of the details of your new list: new list form   Once that is complete, go back to the dashboard and click “Lists” again. This time you want to choose your new list and go to “Signup Forms”. From here, choose General Forms and customize it to your liking.   Congrats, you can now build a list! 🙂

Step Two:

Now comes the really cool part. Because MailChimp won’t let us create an autoresponder for free, we are going to use Zapier. Zapier basically allows you to use multiple applications together to achieve something better. Think Google Drive or Gmail is cool? Wait till you see what you can do when you connect them with other services! Anyways, back to the free autoresponder. Once you have again done the basics of creating and verifying your account you will want to create what they call a Zap. In the top  menu of your dashboard click “Make a Zap!”. You will then be able to choose the two sites you would like to work with. For our autoresponder, we will want to use MailChimp and then Gmail (or whatever other email service you use).

create a new zap

You want your setup to look like this!

So how does this work?  Here is what happens when someone joins your list: Zapier scans MailChimp once every 15 minutes, when it notices that someone new is on your list, it then prompts Gmail to create and send a new email to that subscribers email.   Next, you will want to choose what MailChimp, Email account to be used and finally which list you want to use (The one we just created!). On step 5 of creating your new Zap, you will need to select what field to search for, click the “Insert Fields” and choose Email. This is the email address your subscribers used when signing up and what Zapier will use as the sending email address. We are almost done! Lastly, we will want to choose the subject and body of our email. Here is what mine looks like: my autoresponder email   As you can see, I give the download link (blacked out) to the free video course I give to all of my subscribers. Because I have their attention I want to share with them my most popular posts, as well as my resource page to help them get started with their business. This will help increase page views of your site but most importantly get your best content directly in their hands. This is a great way to get new subscribers hooked on your content!

Step Three:


Now you know exactly how to create a completely free autoresponder using two services together. There are many ways to use Zapier to your advantage and I encourage you to experiment and play with the service when you have the time. Post a comment below and let me know what you think about this method! I love feedback and my readers are smart, so I know you can find a way to make this 10x better in time!