This week seemed to go by very fast. I’ve discovered my fear of cold calling people…. Still trying to get over this fear and make it happen. I know the potential outcome is positive, yet the fear is crippling. On a brighter note, I’ve added a few more clients to my personal trainer business and I love seeing any kind of growth!


While going through a trade magazine for personal trainer and fitness business I discovered a whole other world where people buy and sell gyms, fitness clubs and personal training studios. I know that everything in this world can be bought or sold, but this never crossed my mind. I quickly saw the light come on in my head and the huge potential this could be. I’m a pretty far away experience wise to be buying my own profitable gym, but it is possible. Every few days I seem to check listings just so I can get a feel for the market and determine what a great deal actually is.

Now, let’s get into the good stuff…

What I‘m Reading


  • How To Email A Facebook Group, That You Don’t Even Own – Warning: This Tutorial is pretty complicated. You’ll need some knowledge in both Facebook marketing, Excel and Email programs. Before we get into the post, I’d like to thank James Gregory for helping me develop this strategy.




  • From 3 to 16: How to Hire and Build a Remote Team – Over the course of Zapier’s 34-month existence, we’ve grown from three founders cramped in a small apartment to a team of 16 around the world. While we’re certainly not experts at hiring, we have picked up a few tricks (and things to avoid) to make building a remote team easier.


  • The Best Of Internet Marketing September 2014 – This is the 22nd post in the series which shares all of my favourite internet marketing posts from the past month. There is an awful lot of junk to sort through every month so here are the best bits according to me!


Tool of The Week

Noisli – Background Noise For Better Productivity While Working Solo


Video of The Week

Noah Kagan and Tim Ferriss Talk Validation