I finally pulled the trigger on a deal I’ve been working on all week. Just one step closer towards achieving full freedom and living the life I want to be living.

You have to be willing to take on some risk in life. This week, I did just that. In future posts I will explain everything in detail, but for now everything is hush hush.

I also ran a little experiment with profitable websites using a method I found online in a forum completely free. The experiment was a little dry at first, but has recently taken a positive turn. The site is actually earning money. Not a lot of money, but enough money for me to take it serious and focus a bit on traffic generation.

The site cost me $5 to put together (just domain and hosting) and the rest was simple integration. Everything about the site is automated except for traffic.

Very soon I will be writing a very passionate post exposing my thoughts and desires for entrepreneurship and the path I see myself going down at this time.

Things change, especially when you’re 22. You learn a lot and develop a completely different mindset. The more you learn about what is possible in this world the better your reality becomes. Passions change and so does desires. What I thought I wanted just two years ago is completely different than what I want now. We will always evolve.

What I‘m Reading

  • How to Buy a Ferrari for $20k – I mentioned in my first post that one of the things I wanted to do here was to help you think outside the box.  There is a reason successful entrepreneurs capitalize on opportunities other people miss.


  • Google Panda Update 4.1 aka #27 is Out! – Google announced yesterday that the newest edition of Panda is out. It’s time for some wild speculation and a whole bunch of discussion.


  • Six Keys to Being Excellent at Anything – I’ve been playing tennis for nearly five decades. I love the game and I hit the ball well, but I’m far from the player I wish I were.


  • 5 Books I Wish Everyone on Earth Would Read. – It’s summertime, and I’m reading up a storm. These five books have each inspired me with their goodness, practicality and readability. Of course, I could probably come up with a list like this every few months, made up of completely different books.


  • My Monthly Income Report – July and August 2014 – Welcome to a special edition of my monthly income reports, one that includes two months worth of numbers and lessons! Let’s waste no time. July and August 2014, here we go…


  • 7 Tips for Creating Content that Drives Growth – Morgan Brown is the Head of Growth at Qualaroo, GrowthHackers.com team member, and Co-Author of Startup Growth Engines and Unlocking Growth. Say hi @morganb. He’s also the featured guest of our #MentionChat on 9/18. Learn more. The web is awash in content.



Tool of The Week

Sumo Me – Free Tools To Grow Your Website Traffic

Video of The Week

The Random Show with Tim Ferriss and Kevin Rose. I complete must watch web show!