What a busy week! With personal development and simply investing in yourself being such an important role in your success, I decided I needed to do something new. I needed to treat myself, but for the betterment of myself. Ramit Sethi at IWT changed my perspective of personal finance with his book years ago.

I finally seemed to understand what you were really supposed to be doing with your money and how to use passive investments and systems to do all of the leg work while I enjoy my life. Since the book came out, Ramit has completely 100x his life. He has created what most consider, the most valuable courses on entrepreneurship, personal development and even helping thousands of people get their dream job.

After watching the opportunity¬†of his courses fly by me and watching case study after case study, I knew it was finally time to pull the trigger. Honestly, if this had been anyone else besides Ramit, I would call bullshit on his claims. I’ve seen him grow over the last five years and missed the first five years of his business. He has proven, over the course of ten total years that what he teaches works.

Ramit has been interviewed and is good friends with Tim Ferriss, Noah Kagan and is brothers of Maneesh Sethi at Hack The System. All every reputable people.

In order to hold myself accountable and retain more of what I will be learning, I plan on either dedicating full posts to each topic or simply including key takeaways in each Friday’s Quick Post.


What I‘m Reading




  • Friday quick links –¬†Pine as a mobile app that enables you to take the proverbial step back for a few seconds each day to reflect and answer the question: how are you doing today? GitGo is a brilliant new GIT version control hosting service. Clean and simple UI to the Max.


  • The Content Marketing Travel Kit ‚Äď Everything You Need to Create & Market Great Content on the Go! –¬†I just got back from an epic almost-5-week speaking tour which took me to two countries, eight¬†cities and had me hopping on and off a total of sixteen planes from beginning to end. Phew! It was tiring, sure.


Tool of The Week

Wisestamp – Create simple, but amazing email signatures in seconds

Video of The Week

How one startup is changing the sailing world to better safeguard our resources and change a whole industry.