This week was fantastic, but not much of an update on things. I’ve been going through Ramit’s Earn1K course and it has been incredibly eye opening. I’ve been focusing on using the two qualifier method to generate very unique client profiles and ideas.

Now we are moving into creating benefits instead of features and how to really find what your potential clients/customers want. A lot of the content is geared towards quality and finding a real idea or problem that people are willing to pay you to solve. This is something I feel that a lot of people are missing lately, including myself.

We want fast results and the 4 Hour Work Week without the 4 hours of work. Instead, we need to focus on building real, high quality products that sell themselves and solve real problems.

Here are some of my notes so far:

1. Finding Your Idea:

  • Pick Your Top 5 Skills
  • Pick Your Top 5 Strengths
  • Pick Your Top 5 Interests
  • Pick Three Ideas Related Your Skills, Strengths and Interests That Have High Priority

2. Define Your Target Market:

  • Use The Two Qualifier Method –¬†[Qualifier 1] + [Qualifier 2] who (Need Your Service)
  • Ex. Bloggers who have 1,000 subscribers who want to (generate revenue with info. products)
  • Ex. Lawn Care Business Owners with At Least 5 Employees who want to (scale their company)

Notice how specific you are being when it comes to who your target audience is. The more specific the better in this case.

3. Create Client/Customer Benefits (NOT Features!):

  • Create at least 10 client benefits or end results.
  • Don’t sell the process, but the end result
  • Ex. Personal Trainer:
    • Look Better
    • Save Time
    • Accountability
    • Lower Risk of Deseases
    • Reliability


So far I have focused on a few industries and client profiles while using the two qualifier method and creating client benefits. The next step is unknown as the next module is locked until next week….

My goal with this course is to come out with a framework to be used at any time in my life to extract amazing ideas and profitable businesses without the headache or guessing, but with real paying clients from the start. Not only that, but I obviously hope to come out with a business that generates at least $1,000 per month, but my aim is to generate around $3,000/Month with the idea and learn how to really scale a business and turn it into something huge.

Ramit is an incredibly high quality and legit resource to learn from.


What I‘m Reading

  • THE Backlinking Strategy That Works –¬†2014 and Beyond Edition
    In 2010, while documenting the creation of¬†a niche site publicly here on the blog, I published¬†a massive article called THE Backlinking Strategy that Works, and it did work –¬†extremely¬†well.



  • Lessons In Manliness from Fight Club –¬†Today we‚Äôre gonna break the first rule with aplomb. Hey, everyone else does too. Though it came out a decade and a half ago, the film version of Fight Club continues to be a cultural touchstone, especially in discussions about masculinity.


Tool of The Week

  • Trello – Project Management Tool (Free Month of Trello Gold Just For You!)


Share some of your small or major wins from this past week with me in the comments!