So it’s the week before finals. I should really just end this post here, but I’ll push onward. I’m pleased to let you know that two major goals will now be crossed off of my yearly goals list; Financial Literacy and learning Sign Language.


I feel like my blog is coming alive again. Obviously the more I write the more traffic I earn from users and more subscribers I get on a daily basis. Just releasing my monthly goal posts has increased subscriber count by a decent amount and I can’t wait to hit 4-digit subscriber numbers. It’s really amazing that people are interested in reading about my life and the interesting things that I try to do each month.


So let’s dive into knocking off some major milestones!


Getting Rich and Financial Literacy


It was incredibly hard for me to quantify this goal as you should consistently further your knowledge of finance and investing which I try to do, but eventually I came to the conclusion that I could successfully mark off this goal because of systems that I have in place to ensure that my financial life is in order.


More importantly these systems ensure that my net worth increases every time money comes into my checking account automatically. So if one month goes by and I don’t increase my wealth, something went incredibly wrong, but this has yet to happen and I have high doubts of it ever happening.


Consider this goal marked off!


Learning Sign Language (My first-second language!)


I’ve attempted to learn various languages on my own in an attempt to become polylingual over time, but each time I end up frustrated and stop making progress. After going back to college and being required to fulfill two semesters of a foreign language, I decided to give American Sign Language a try.


To my surprise I became quite good at ASL (all thanks to my deaf teacher!) and will have ASL II complete by the end of this week. I can safely hold a conversation in sign language and although not entirely fluent, I still consider this successful as I don’t need to be 100% fluent to hold a conversation in ASL.


Consider this goal, also, marked off!


Who’s Going To Thailand?!


This guy. That’s who! One of my goals this year is to become a master at travel hacking. Trying to quantify this goal is also subjective so it’s really up to me to decide what success is.


My quantification of success in becoming a master travel hacker is achieving an international flight and hotel stay using travel hacking techniques. After talking it over with my girlfriend we decided to plan a trip to Thailand later this year using nothing but points.


I reached out to my friend Bryce at for some quidance on how to make this happen (every master was once an apprentice), but more on this in a future post!



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So far I’ve used points to cover a hotel stay for my girlfriend and I for a friends wedding and will be using points to cover a weekend stay in Savannah Georgia after finals.


Once this trip is complete I’ll be able to mark off another goal off my list; visiting the Asian continent!


So far 2016 is incredible, minus college….. But incredible no matter.


I’m trying to squeeze in as many goals, trips and milestones as possible this year to really maximize 2016.


Make sure you subscribe so you can read my future post on how I’m travel hacking a $8,000 trip to Thailand for roughly $500 for two people!