We all want to be clear minded. It helps us think and become more focused on what needs to get done. Cleaning your office/work area simply isn’t enough anymore. These days, our clutter can be contained within our screens which leads to massive amounts of unproductive work, notifications and wasted mental space.


Destroying Your Email Monster


This isn’t as bad for most today, but if you are still struggling to contain or even better, conquer your email, you need Unroll.Me which allows you to easily unsubscribe from the massive amounts of lists your on and add the rest to your “Roll Up” which is one email per day containing all the emails you wanted without getting notified every thirty minutes.


This will free up a HUGE amount of your time and allows you to automatically destroy your email.


Now that we’ve gotten rid of your automated emails, let’s make responding to important emails more fun using the Email Game. Once added to Gmail, you click on the link and are timed by how fast you can respond, destroy or archive your current inbox. Instead of taking 30+ minutes to respond to all of your emails, you get them done in under five minutes each day.


If you want to take even more control of your email, use the Pause Button. Whenever I’m sick of email and want to completely flip off the switch, I use my pause button which stops any incoming emails until I unpause my Gmail.


*Pause your emails at night for better rest and only check emails twice a day to stay focused and productive by keeping your email paused for most of the day!


Destroying Your Overflowing Pocket App


I love using Pocket for reading anything I find interesting online. I use the Chrome extension to easily add something to my feed and can read it when I have time. This makes my life a bit more streamlined and allows me to never have a heavy bookmark app.


Here is what my reading flow looks like:


Check Feedly daily for specific blogs I follow. If I find something potentially worth reading, I “save” for later. Then IFTT automatically adds that article in my Pocket feed and adds the post to my buffer feed to be tweeted out at the best time possible. If an article is really amazing and I want to save it to reference later, I’ll favorite the article in Pocket and IFTT automatically adds the article to specific Evernote notebook.


This simple script allows me to stay up to date without wasting time, keeps my buffer full of great content my followers are interested in reading and easily lets me archive the best content in Evernote without me doing the leg work.

IFTT Scripts:

Feedly To Buffer Auto-Post

The other scripts are custom, but you can easily create them by searching for “Feedly Buffer”and “Feedly Pocket”.

Destroying Your Organization (In a good way!)


I use Google Drive for everything. It’s practically my hub and automatically loads when I launch Chrome. I organize everything based on folders and spreadsheets. I have a folder for each part of my life that is worth tracking. For instance, I write all of my blog posts in Google Docs, which is saved within my “Blog Posts” folder.


I want to stay organized with everything and Drive helps me do that without thinking about it. I track my finances, growth, taxes and more all using Google Drive. If ever someone needs something within my Docs such as my taxes during tax season, I simply email the folder to them from my phone.


Figure out the most important things you do in life on a macro level and create a main folder for each of those things. Use spreadsheets to easily track things over time and google docs for everything else.


Building Your Jarvis


I’ve always wanted to build Jarvis and one day I will, but for now I am limited to what I have at my disposal. My good friend JD wrote an amazing post on how to turn Google Chrome into Jarvis and it’s insanely powerful.


I use Alfred to launch everything on my Mac, which means my fingers never touch my mouse. Whenever I launch Chrome Pandora starts playing my favorite music to listen to while working, opens Google Drive, HabitRPG and a new tab that reminds me of what my goal for the day is saying, “Good Morning Dillon”. How cool is that?


Putting everything above together has helped me to eliminate 50%+ of my leg work and never requires any updates or maintenance. Once your system/flow is created, it works for you and saves you a TON of time!

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