We all want to take over the world in some way (just me?) or have Tony Starks’ Jarvis to help automate a few key things in our life (Read: Turn Chrome Into Jarvis), but we never stop to think of how to actually make that happen. I hate talking about productivity, but I love talking about being efficient with my time and organized. Once you’ve become clear about your goals and the selective tasks that get you there, how do you make sure they happen?


Gamification With HabitRPG


HabitRPG has become my go to task management system. It works by gamifying your productivity. Each time you complete a task, you get experience points, some gold and other goodies (any gamers out there?!). With enough experience points, you level up and increase your chance at more gold per completed task.

HabitRPG Productivity

The best part about HabitRPG is the tagging feature. Most task management systems make it hard for you to focus. As you can see from my dashboard I have a few tags” uCH (my startup), Coding | Ruby, Personal Blog, College and Personal Tasks. Almost everything I can can be put into one of these tags.


You can also include your daily habits which is a huge feature for me. Building habits lead to success no matter what you are attempting to do. Want more traffic? Do one thing every single day for 30 days and you’ll successfully reach that goal.


The Habits section is a bit different and I don’t use it often, except for the chrome extension that monitors your activity, when you are doing work, you gain experience and gold without marking off tasks. When you go to a blacklist site, you lose health points, which can cause your character to die.


Scheduling My Week With Wunderlist


I hate thinking about the crazy amount of things I need to get done each week. Luckily Wunderlist helps me dump all of my tasks into a single dashboard organized by days.


After reading Nev’s Financial blog about goals, I decided to never schedule more than 3 important tasks for each day. This forces me to be selective about what I spend my time doing, but also helps me to not go insane by having 5+ tasks each day and overload myself.


Wunderlist syncs automatically through all of my devices and because I have a dual screen setup, It is always in view.


How The System Works


So you now know what tools I use to get everything done, but you don’t quite understand how I use them yet. Here is where things get really good!

Whenever I need to get a task done, I don’t do it right away because it may not be the best way to spend my time. Instead, I put it into HabitRPG and tag it properly for the following week. This ensures I never get bogged down with work and can stay focused and organized each day.


I let this build up over the week and then on Friday (like today) I’ll go through all of my tasks on HabitRPG starting from the most important tag. For now, the most important tag is College.


I click on the College tag and schedule everything on Wunderlist assigning each task a specific day to be completed without going over 3 tasks per day. I tend to spread my college tasks over the week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, so I never have to think about them on Tuesdays or Thursdays.


From here I move on to the next most important tag; uCH. Because we want to get the startup traction, I need to spend a decent amount of time working on the marketing, SEO and content. I click on the tag and dump everything into Wunderlist spread throughout the whole week.


I repeat this process until I run out of tasks to schedule or max out the whole week with 3 tasks per day.


It’s important to note that I don’t just stop when I complete my three tasks for the day. If I get everything done by 2pm, I’ll move into the next day, but If I only get those three tasks done, the day is considered successful.


Once each task is complete, I mark it off on HabitRPG to gain experience points and gold which keeps me making progress. I want better gear and mounts for my character so it keeps me moving forward. If I skip a few days, I risk my character’s death and a loss of my current gear I worked so hard to get.


Here is what my Tony Stark, take over the world second screen looks like each day…


Wunderlist HabitRPG Dual Screen


This system takes almost no time to setup and is completely free for you to use. Organize your life and take over the world!


ps. Share your productivity screen with me in the comments!