I wake up from a good nights rest. It is early in the morning and the sun shines through my window. My TV has already turned itself on and is playing CNBC. I slowly get out of bed to the sound of analysts chatting about the new stocks and where the market is going.

I make my way into the bathroom where I take a hot shower, brush my teeth and fully awaken myself for the day. I then move into my study and connect to the world. First thing, I check my email. There is one or two important things I need to respond too and the rest can be checked through out the day. My email is never uncontrollable. I then make breakfast and eat, something heathy as always.

By 10 – 10:30 I am at the office and gearing up for the day. My secretary alerts me to any fires that must be put out, nothing I cannot handle and I proceed to my office. My office is modern, nothing huge but notable. We are on a high level of the building and my office has a beautiful view of the cities skyline. I proceed to do my work, always being important and aimed to either increase revenue or increase efficiency. There is no deadline I cannot meet.

I am not an employee but a partner. Our joined goal is the same and we are paid well for the job we do. My life is not poor nor is it wealthy. I spend my free time and money on experiences and building things rather than accumulate products. I care and have become very passionate about my work and the world we are changing or creating. Money is never an issue as my spending and personal finance is always in check. I have many investments from social peer lending to investing in small startups as an advisor for a small amount of equity in the project.

I am well on my way to becoming financially free at a young age. An accomplishment which grants any individual the privilege to spend his or her time doing anything they wish. My time would be spent traveling, working harder towards reaching my projects goals and making this world a better place. Just call me Mr. Rockefeller.

Now that I am done rambling, let’s get back to my day….

After lunch and a few meetings, I have fully accomplished todays goals and tasks. I proceed to prep for the next days work. Each day is planned to achieve at least 3 major tasks, anything past that is extra and over achieving. Being efficient and operating at your ideal peak is important. Working eighteen hour days will grant you a terrible life. I want balance and results. Something each person is able to achieve within their life. You must set boundaries.

My work day is complete and tomorrow is prepped and scheduled. As I get home I catch up on todays news, not the news you would think. The only news I care about are entrepreneurship related. Sites such as Hacker News and Product Hunt which is completely crowdsourced information tailored to what I am interested in. Amazing new services that can increase my efficiency or simply make my life better. New articles and stories from startup founders and other successful people sharing their valuable knowledge willingly.

My email subscriptions are easily digestible as they are combined and delivered within one email through Unroll.Me

I then plan my dinner and cook. I enjoy cooking with classic music playing as it relaxes me and allows me to think without becoming stressed. The meal is healthy and I share it with a friend or another loved one. I enjoy being social but not in the going out to get drunk kind of way. I socialize with those I can learn from and better my life.

The end of my day…..


My life is simple yet meaningful. I have hacked my efficiency and and life for the better. My time is spent on the things that mean the most to me and I wouldn’t change a thing.