Have you ever had one of those months where you completely rethink your whole life and analyze where you put your focus and effort? Yea, me either…. OK, so I did and it was great.


I realized I’m simply not living the ideal lifestyle I want holistically and needed to make a change. There are many aspects of life you need to consider to make you happy, at least for myself and I was greatly lacking in one area; How I make money.

Awesome Macaroons


I decided a change needed to be made and started to take action. I’m not going to tell you what I’m doing yet. I’m still in the early phase of things but so far it’s looking very good!


So what’s the bad news? The bad news is that my girlfriend and I won’t be able to take our planned trip to Thailand as early as we thought. Instead, we’ve decided to spend a week or so in New Orleans as it’s a much easier travel plan points wise and we’ve both always wanted to go.


Not really bad news after all.


So let’s dive into how I did this past month with my goals.


Travel Hacking


I applied for the last two cards I needed for the Thailand trip, but only got approved for one due to too many applications is such a short time. Not a big deal as I can reapply once my credit score jumps back up another 30+ points.


I have not started travel hacking cards for my girlfriend due to a stop on MS methods we sustained recently. MS became too expensive and we’re waiting for something new to come along sometime soon so we can go full force again.


I still need to meet the minimum spend on my new card, but I have three months to make that happen so I should be fine.


On a happier note, my girlfriend and I are spending this weekend in Savannah Georgia at the Hyatt Andaz for free using hyatt’s free nights and free room service, drinks and hotel restaurant taken care of using my Barclay’s points left over from a previous trip.


God I love travel hacking!


Golf Mastery


Yea, I did nothing this month even closely related to golf. It really just hasn’t been a priority at this time and I’m strongly considering replacing this goal with something that has more value in my life.


I learned recently that if you don’t make time for something, it’s not because you’re too busy, it’s because it isn’t THAT important to make time for. So golf mastery is being pushed aside for now.


Personal Training


I was able to add another 4 clients this past month and my schedule is really starting to take over my life. Income is going up, but time is quickly going away which is why I needed to make a switch in this aspect of my life.


I need to dive deeper into the numbers with clients as I still haven’t reached my financial goal and something is off. Either I made a bad calculation or something is getting lost without my knowledge.


Either way I’m doing extremely well with the goal, but a switch needed to be made.


TL;DR – The Tally For April

  • Approved for ½ last travel hacking cards
  • Won’t be going to Thailand but New Orleans instead
  • Made a massive, yet secretive change in my life related to income
  • Did nothing for Golf Mastery and pushing it aside
  • Did extremely well with Personal Training
  • Two free nights this weekend at the Hyatt Andaz with room service, drinks etc erased with Barclay points


Goals For June


As usual I’m going to keep this short and to the point.


Personal Training

  • Add 4 more clients


Secretive Change

  • Increase product amount 10x (are you curious yet?)


Travel Hacking

  • Meet minimum spend on newest card
  • Find new MS method to turn things back on full blast


Improving The  Blog

  • Write in-depth post on how my girlfriend and I spent the weekend in Savannah for free
  • Write 1 guest post for another site to increase traffic and subscribers


I really hope these monthly posts, although not intensive encourage you to start keeping track of your yearly and monthly goals to get closer every day to your ideal life. Living your ideal life isn’t something that happens overnight, but you can make incredible progress in just six months or less.


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