I recently finished my intro to programming class and was slightly worried that we would actually be programming using Python throughout the whole class. Turns out the class was a bit boring and gave me time to mess around on Stackoverflow and learn a bit more than the rest of the class.


I’ve kind of been a finance geek over the last few years and control my finances very carefully, but it really isn’t that complicated. I’ve been using a simple spreadsheet for spitting out numbers. All I need to do is input how much my paycheck was and it would tell me exactly how much I had for expenses/bills, saving and investing.


You can read more about the system I use here.


Our final project was coming up quickly and I needed an idea. We honestly didn’t need a program to do anything interesting, but I figured I would spend my time building a program I would actually find useful.


The command line is ok…..


Initially, the program was strictly command line based. I would run the program in my terminal, it would ask for my paycheck input and then spit out the amounts for each account I use. Simple enough and it took all of no time.


I wanted to play around a bit more with functions and classes so I made things a bit more elegant.


After running the program a few times, I knew how boring it would be to use. One night while doing so Python research I found Tkinter; a library that allowed you to create a GUI for your program.


Tkinter was a complete pain in the ass to get up and running, but eventually, I figured it out and made it work.


Monthly Financial Tool Python


Now, instead of a command line, you could run a visual program like you’re used to and problem solved…


I’ve grown to love Python and even though I’ve barely scraped the surface, I feel incredibly confident I could build something more powerful and useful.


If you want to take a look at the code or add to it, please check out my repo on Github here!

Future Additions


I want to expand on this simple program. As it stands now you have to tweak the code to change the percentage output of your income. I want to add a tabbed page that allows the user to input whatever percentage breakdown they’d like.


I’ve already added a simple label at the bottom that shows the user how much their investment amount would be in 30 years based on a 5% return per year. I’d really like to expand upon this with visual graphs in some fashion.


I would love to hear what your thoughts are and some tweaks I can add to make this simple program better than it currently is.