It’s been a very long time sense my last post on lifestyle hacking and I have finally been able to move everything over to which suits me much better! In my (Online) travels I have come across so many new monthly box subscriptions ranging from my male needs to wine. I have completely become attached to this business model and I cannot shake my desire to start my own! Perhaps I will find the right one for myself and give it a try. In the mean time, here is another awesome list of sites which automate the finer things in life for you. Some I subscribe to and other are on my list to try. I could see how easy it would be to rack up $500 worth of monthly subscriptions.

  1. Club W: “No Jargon. No BS. Just great wine

lifestyle automation

How it works: 

  • A Club W monthly experience starts at 3 bottles a month for $39 + $6 flat rate shipping.
  • Order 6 or more bottles and shipping is FREE.
  • Not a wine geek? No worries. If you’re not sure what kind of wine you like, our Palate Profile will help us tailor recommendations based on your tastes. The more we get to know you, the better our recommendations will become.

I recently signed up for this as I am a big fan of wine. Talk about the finer points of lifestyle hacking. I ordered the minimum of 3 bottles to test out the service and will be billed once my bottles are shipped. Cannot wait!

       2. Blue Apron: “Fresh ingredients, great recipes delivered weekly to your home!”

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Blue Apron is by far one of the coolest ideas. I must confess I was the first to think of this(If only I acted!) Alas! I do believe the founders of this site and service have done a tremendous job making this happen and have gone the long distance to make sure everything is done properly. Here are a few awesome things about the meals and ingredients they send.

  • Complete meals with 500-700 calories per serving.
  • 35 minutes to prepare on average.
  • Pre-portioned ingredients to save time and reduce waste.
  • Easy to follow beautifully printed recipe cards!

As you can tell, this is awesome! At just $9.99 per person per meal (With a minimum of two meals of course!) it’s really not bad for once a week for date night or just treating yourself and increasing your cooking skills. I haven’t signed up for this service yet but plan on doing so very shortly. I can really see the benefits of it!


3. Quarterly: Timothy Ferriss – Bestselling Author and Human Guinea Pig

lifestyle automation tim ferriss


Now this is something I cannot wait to do! Tim Ferriss, author of the 4 Hour Series is truly an inspiration. From entrepreneurship to smart drugs and experimentation, this is a legend! If you have not heard of Tim Ferriss or read any of his books I strongly urge you to do so! Like, stop reading this post and buy all of his books on Amazon right this very second!


This subscription is a bit pricey compared to other subscriptions at $100 every quarter (Still not to bad!) but I can assure you the contents of this box is worth the price. Tim is an Angel Investor and may introduce you to something never before seen or simply introduce you to something thats been underground for the past five years and well-overlooked.


So now you can automate your wine obsession and cooking for date night, great pair aye? I’m looking out for you, don’t you fret. The last subscription is for those who love discovery new and awesome things without the time to do the leg work, like actually discovering them. Lifestyle hacking is for those of us who want a better life without the price tag. Sure it’s not a Aston Martin DB9 but can’t we still live like James Bond? I hope you enjoyed this article and would love to hear your favorite subscription services you currently use in the comments