It took me longer than I had planned to write this month’s update post. I had planned to write a few more posts before this one also, but could only manage to write one on my recent trip and how my girlfriend and I are planning a trip to Thailand.


This month has been pretty fun, with some up and downs for sure. For starters, the semester is finally over and as it stands now I have all A’s and potentially one B depending on how my final went in that class. On top of that, I made a pretty big decision to move in with my girlfriend of almost two years.


Let’s see how I ended up doing in April…


Travel Hacking


This will most likely be the best category of the month. Not only did we use points for a free night stay for my best friends wedding, but I’m also planning a trip to Thailand for me and my girlfriend using nothing but points and award night stays.


I’ll go more in-depth on in a future post!


So far I’ve accrued over 100,000 points and counting, with another few hundred thousand points coming in over the next few months. This Thailand trip will cost a decent amount of points and all of the current points I have and am earning are going to this trip.


I was, however, able to use Hyatt’s rewards card to earn two free nights at any Hyatt to book a small weekend trip to Savannah Georgia for the beginning of June. Anyone in the travel hacking world will comment saying how wasteful it was to use these free nights at such a small hotel, when they could have been used on a major trip overseas, but travel is about what you want to get out of it and it was a very quick fix to a nice summer weekend away as a couple.


Golf Mastery


So I’m slacking. Like majorly. The truth is I just haven’t been giving it the focus it requires at all. I can make excuses all day long, but I simply haven’t made the time.


My goal was to schedule a minimum of two driving range sessions, but I only scheduled one. After watching Tim Ferriss’ episode on Golf, I’m a bit more inclined to get back at this skill and breaking it down.


Personal Training


This has been an up and down year for our industry and I’m really not sure why. Anyhow, I’ve been able to manage the highest conversion rate at our facility in closing new clients and have added another 4 clients to my schedule, which is incredibly low for a whole month. I’m merely 2-3 clients away from reaching my financial goal. Unfortunately as clients reach their goals, some leave, which means I have to replace them.


Regardless I’m very much on track for this goal.


Hiking The Appalachian Trail


Literally have given this zero thought or action this month. I’m considering putting this off as I’m more focused and excited for Thailand and international travel hacking it seems.


TL;DR – The Tally For April


  • Paid for a hotel stay with 100% points
  • Awarded two free nights at any Hyatt hotel in the world
  • Planned a trip to Thailand with my girlfriend using travel hacking
  • Only golfed one time instead of two
  • Added 4 new clients and completely on track
  • Nothing done for my hiking trip


Goals For May


I’m going to keep this super short and to the point this time. No real explanation needed.


Personal Training

  • Add 4 more clients and reach financial goal


Golf Mastery

  • Visit driving range twice this month


Travel Hacking

  • Apply for last two cards needed for my side of our Thailand trip
  • Start travel hacking for my girlfriend’s side of the trip (5 cards needed…)


Should be a very interesting month to say the least. I’ll try my best to publish more posts as well. I’m sure you guys want to read more how-to and lifestyle posts than just my monthly check-ins.


If you have anything specific you would like to read about, please post in the comments!