My Monthly Report April 2014

Welcome to my Monthly Review post.

Each month I’m going to write a detailed review of the previous month.

I do this not only to help me keep track of my own progress, but I want to be open, honest and transparent about what’s going on in my business and life. I want to lead by example by showing you what’s working for me, and what’s not – both in life and business.

Each month I’m going to review how I did when it came to achieving the previous months goals both in business and personal life.

Did I Hit My April Goals?

April was a bit crazy. I moved into a new house which completely threw me off my routine which had a larger impact on my productivity than I had anticipated. I am back in the groove of things and making progress like I need too.

I accomplished The Following:

  1. Had My VA Design Our First Fitness Apparel Tanks
  2. Ordered Our Custom Designed Frame To Print Our Tanks
  3. Created/Joined a Mastermind Group (More on that here)
  4. Finished My Certified Personal Trainer Book! (Now to review for a while before the exam)

Once we are up and printing shirts, we will be doing a giveaway of some sort to get you some free swag!

Lessons Learned This Month

I learned that I am a very unfocused person. I get tons of ideas each day and some get me very excited so I begin validating them a bit but I need to stay on track with my Red File Theory as I believe it will work very well.

I learned I, like many other entrepreneurs, go through boughts of depression and uneasy feelings. There are times where you just want to give it all up and live an easier life. The more I think about it the more I realize how luckily I am to be an entrepreneur and the things I am capable of doing. Just thinking of the things I have accomplished so far make me feel much better and keeps me moving forward because I am just getting started.

Lastly, I learned how lucky I am to be where I am at such a young age. I consently have people older than me explain how they wish they started at my age or even just had the drive and passion to live the life they wanted to live instead of filling someone elses expectation.

Happiness Check

Now that I am back into my routine and making progress towards my goals I feel amazing. This Mastermind Group is really going to help keep me pushing and hold me accountable to what I say I am going to do each and every week.

What I’m Reading

Goals For July

I really want to make some strides in July.

Here is what I have planned:

  1. Write Another 3 Posts For This Blog
  2. Producing Salable Tanks For Our Fitness Apparel Company
  3. By Now I Should Either Be Certified As A Trainer or Close To It
  4. Become More Focused On Phase 1 of The Red File Theory

I am keeping July short and sweet. The main focus is on getting the fitness apparel company up and running, which I will do another post on and getting certified so I can begin training and making a good income doing so.