Welcome to my Monthly Business & Lifestyle Review.

Each month I’m going to write a detailed review of the previous month.

I do this not only to help me keep track of my own progress, but I want to be open, honest and transparent about what’s going on in my business and life. I want to lead by example by showing you what’s working for me, and what’s not – both in life and business.

Each month I’m going to review how I did when it came to achieving the previous months goals both in business and personal life.


Did I Hit My September Goals?

This month seemed much better than the last. Much more calm. I think I’ve finally found a way to calm my mind a get more focused, but only time will tell.

I hit all of my goals for this month but one…. Launching this damned fitness apparel company. For some reason, we have hit every kind of road block you could ever hit while launching a new venture. On a brighter note, I was able to increase my personal training client numbers from two to seven. It’s nothing I can live on, but building quickly enough. The more I learn the better I get a building my client numbers.

I also ran a small weekend experiment.


Lessons Learned This Month

I learned a lot about myself mostly this month. By really focusing on how little things made me react, the better I understood the kind of person I am. I will always work towards making myself better. We should all work towards making ourselves better.

Most importantly; Write down your goals EVERY single day without exception. By doing so you keep your mind focused and direct. Your decisions are made with your goals in mind, greatly pushing you closer towards achieving them.

Happiness Check

Things could be better. I’m battling with the fact that I can do better, but fear is holding me back. I was working on a great deal that would net me a decent amount of money each month, but backed out because of fear. I don’t regret backing out because other deals will come in time. I need to learn my lesson and become more analytical and less emotional when it comes to business and making decisions. By focusing on Expected Value or “EV” you can make better financial and business decisions when risk is involved (like it always is!).


What I’m Reading

I’m really focused on increasing my efforts and working at a higher rate. The 4 Hour Work Week is wearing thin and it takes incredible amounts of effort to achieve your goals. I’m not aiming low with my life. Because of that, I need to think and act on a completely different level. The following book is amazing at explaining how to operate and achieve much higher goals. Would you rather fall short on $100,000 or $1,00,000?


  • The 10X Rule – The Only Difference Between Success and Failure by Grant Cardone


October Goals

  1. 10 Personal Training Clients In Total (+3)
  2. Increase My Income by $500 Per Month (+$500)
  3. Make $100 Online In A Completely New Way (+$100)