Through my short life, I have never had a true daily routine. When I was in school my mornings were a complete blur as I attempted to wake up and drag myself to the bus. I also had no sleep schedule but simply slept when I could no longer stay awake. What a horrible thing to do to your body! Now that I am older, I have seen the importance of daily routines and how they play a large part in your progression and success. Here is my daily routine.


– My subtle alarm goes off and I roll over to grab my phone, which I use as my alarm. I recently started using the Habit Clock app as both my alarm clock and a way to stay constant with my morning routine. I have the app setup with four tasks. Once I unlock my phone for the alarm to go off, the app begins working, counting how long it takes me to accomplish each task. The first, simply waking up and getting out of bed. Then I move into the bathroom for my morning hygiene. After I am functional and socially acceptable I move onto my third task, drink some protein. Because one of my main goals is personal health this is a crucial step, although I usually switch for an actual breakfast.


– By now it is time to get to work and accomplish the days task. The last task on my Habit clock app is to check my Wunderlist app for things I need to do. By checking my Wunderlist app each morning as my daily routine, I tend to not miss anything. Wunderlist is amazing for staying productive and planning out your days with reminders and email notifications to keep you on task.

Time to complete each task!


– By now I have eaten at least twice, mostly high protein meals to aid in my fitness goal. I down a glass of water and grab my things to work out. My lifting session lasts around an hour depending on what I am working out for the day.


– From this point in the day I try to dedicate most of my time to studying for my personal training certification which is a goal of mine and something I am focusing on more than anything.

Benefits Of A Daily Routine

The benefits of having a daily routine should be quite obvious but lets break down some of the awesomeness that you will receive. Before creating my morning routine I simply woke up when I did, often in the middle of a REM cycle of sleep which really sucks and ruins your day. I am slowly becoming a morning person and enjoying it every step of the way. I am also very forgetful which usually puts me in a bad position with important tasks. Because my last task of my morning routine is to check my Wunderlist app, I never miss something important and instantly add something to the last when they are fresh in my mind from my phone. I have become increasingly productive each and every week.

Now, I obviously get distracted with sites like reddit or hacker news through out the day and take my feedly breaks to catch up on my information addiction. Having a daily routine helps your mind be structured and organized while also granting you breaks to binge on Youtube without regretting it. I would greatly suggest using Habit Clock on iPhone to begin building your daily routine.


It is important to understand that your routines are meant to be changed from time to time. You should have a part of your routine that is always constant such as waking up at a particular time or reading every night for an hour. The other part of your routine should change every few months depending on your goals. If you want to learn to program, add to your daily routine that you program for two hours each morning or afternoon. Once you are happy with your progress and feel you are skillful enough, move onto your next goal.