Outsourcing, at this point, is nothing new but, your either one of three people right now. The first person has heard the word “Outsourcing” but doesn’t really know what it means. The second person knows about outsourcing and has done a bit of research to understand it but is to afraid to take the lead and start outsourcing tasks. The last, and my favorite of the three people is the person who took the lead and is now enjoying valuable free time because of your smart decision.

For this post I will only focus on the first two people. You see outsourcing is that one thing that can really change your life without much investment or risk. We are going to delve into outsourcing and how to eliminate all risks and not destroy your wallet by doing so.

A Little Story (I Like Stories)

Now, imagine your overwhelmed, not to hard to imagine is it?…. Your boss stacking tasks on your desk without mercy and given you crazy deadlines to meet. You’ve already worked your forty hours for the week and you deserve to relax and enjoy a small portion of your life. You send one email to your VA (Virtual Assistant) with a chunk of your tasks to be completed within 24 hours or less. You go home, watch that hilarious new movie you’ve been wanting to see, you spend time with your family or take your girlfriend out to a nice dinner before she dumps you for always being at work and at the end of the night, you go to bed feeling the best you have in months. What about all of that work?….

Good morning! How did you sleep?! Good. You now roll out of bed, check your email and notice your VA responded with all your tasks completed, knocking out a huge part of your work for the week. Sound to good to be true or illegal? It’s done every single hour of the day and by more people than you think, including your boss and myself.


How Does This Work?

This is the most simple thing in the world but you must follow some good practices to limit risk and wasting your money. I want to make this as easy to read and just as easy to implement that ANYONE can use this guide to begin outsourcing the mundane tasks in their life tomorrow! Here we go…..

The Basics:

1. Where do I find VAs?

Upwork (formerly oDesk)

2.  How much should I pay them?

Not over $5 per hour for administrative tasks, which is what we are focusing on here. For programming and other tech related tasks, expect to pay between $10-$30 per hour.

3. What country should I outsource too?

The Philippines and this is very important! The VAs in the Philippines are very loyal, hardworking and talented people. On top of that, they speak perfect english. The biggest problem with outsourcing is communication. For this reason alone, many people refuse to work with Indian virtual assistants because the language barrier is too high and thus requires more of your time, which is the complete opposite of what we are trying to achieve.

4. What tasks can I outsource to my VA?

There is a vast amount of tasks you can outsource. Think of everything you do that does not require you to be in a specific location. Pretty much, everything on a computer….. That’s what they can do for you! Are you starting to see the huge potential here?

5. How can I limit my risks?

For starters, use a credit card payment option with Odesk.com incase of a rare instance of you being charged for work that was not completed. This allows you to cancel the charge and not waste your money. Limit your tasks by time. Giving your VA a task to complete is simply not enough. You must be very descriptive and detailed, as well as giving a time line. I typically give my VA an hour to complete each task. This task can be completed in 30 minutes but I allow time for my VA to comfortably do her work and get more done if she sees the opportunity. This alone can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Always limit the time per task!

That is really it….. It’s not as hard as it is portrayed to be. I am a visual person and believe most people learn from watching. I created a video course covering everything outsourcing.

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How To Hire Your First Virtual Assistant

Look over my shoulder as I go through the whole process of hiring another “VA” for an affordable hourly rate and with great quality work.

You will learn how too:

– Spend your time on things you enjoy

– Spend less than $5 an hour

– Make MUCH more money with your business

– Focus on the work YOU actually enjoy doing!

Also Included:

– 20 Things entrepreneurs should outsource

– 227 Things you can outsource

A virtual assistant can increase your profits, help you start your own business for little dollars and focus on enjoying life more. Imagine waking up in the morning with an email from your virtual assistant containing all the completed work you needed done. Now imagine all of this work being done WHILE you were asleep all night!