Over the past three plus months I have been studying to pass my personal trainer certification. After spending what seemed like thousands of hours with my head buried into my book, I took my exam. I was completely anxious about taking the exam as I have never been a good test taker.

Luckily I passed my exam with ease and can now start building up my personal training business. Starting out I will focus on finding a place to start building my client base and income. Most trainers become very discontent with the lack of up-front income that training offers. It takes some time to get enough clients to make a decent amount of money. Some never make brag-able income. My goal is to find the quickest way to become the select few that makes brag-able income as a personal trainer.

I will publish posts in this section of the blog explaining my progress as a trainer, what I am doing to increase my client base and over all what I am doing to make my success.

I’m still not sure of the frequency of these posts but will eventually figure them out. My first goal is to get the rest of my requirements needed to train (small formalities), get my first clients and my first $1,000 a month in income.

Luckily I am still living very minimalistic so the rush of making a specific amount of money is low. I do, however, have a desire, passion and drive to make as much as I can and build a successful career as a trainer. My entrepreneurial endeavors will not be halted but increased as I learn the problems associated with being a personal trainer.

This new experience will be very exciting and I look forward in sharing my journey with those interested and following along.