I’ve learned many of times that success isn’t a straight path. We will fail more times than we ever want to admit, but it will happen. After publishing my annual post on what I intend to accomplish this year I began to work towards making each goal happen.


Unfortunately, the government has other plans for the money that I had set aside for accomplishing these goals. Although it’s not their fault that I owe money in taxes this year. I’m grateful that I had the money set aside to cover the expense and can get back to working towards achieving these goals.


I wanted to write this post to hold myself accountable. You see, I’ve been slacking like most people do after the first month of working towards major goals. I’ve realized my major setback was not setting micro goals each month and holding myself accountable in doing so.


So I’m bringing back my monthly “check in” posts that I would love for you to keep up with!


Each month I’ll go over how I did on the previous month and set goals for the next month.


So let’s see how I’ve done so far….


Mastering Golf


I never really understood how expensive this sport was. As a full-time college student I’m a bit limited in my play time, but that’s no excuse to get better. I’ve started analyzing my swings and implementing corrections.


My game plan here is to increase practice time to at least twice a month. Right now I’m mainly concerned with consistency than I am frequency.


Hiking The Appalachian Trail


This is the goal that took the biggest hit. Again, I vastly under-estimated the total cost of this goal. The money I had set aside is now going towards paying my taxes owed this year so I’m back at square one.


Moving forward I’m going to change this goal from a week to a weekend. The main reason is the current gear I have is more designed for a weekend trip than a whole week. This alone will save me hundreds of dollars in gear that I already have.


Personal Training


I’m back and better than ever as a personal trainer. I took what I learned the first time around and within a few weeks was back up on my feet. At this point I’ve far succeeded my previous successes and I’m just getting started.


My plan here is to add another 2-4 clients over the next month or so, bringing me well over my financial goal while in college.


This is my main source of income at this time and I need it to provide for living expenses, savings, investments and personal growth as I plan on traveling a lot this year using travel hacking techniques I’ve learned.


Completing My AA Degree


At this point my college education is on autopilot. I’m doing very well in my ASL II class which is a major milestone in learning another language. I’m maintaining my 3.5 GPA and was invited to the honor society which I have yet to pay for as it’s $80 just to have it added to your transcript, but maybe it’s still worth it.


Nothing to really change here.


Crossing Something Off My Yearly Goals


One of my biggest focuses this year was to further my knowledge in finances and I strongly believe I’ve accomplished this goal. I’ve automated my savings and investments each month to consistently grow my wealth. I’ve learned how to properly use credit cards to my benefit and gain valuable rewards without spending anything else.


I’m going to write an in-depth post on accomplishing this goal and everything I’ve learned.


I’ve had an equal amount of success and failure already this year and I can’t wait to see what I accomplish in 2016. Holding myself accountable each month will ensure that I stay on track and reach each goal.


Stay tuned for my next monthly goal post to see exactly what I’m up to!