shortcutsbookshaneI was recommended the book Smartcuts by a few people and when I saw post after post about this book, I knew it would be worth the read. I’ve become more aware of my need to take notes on everything I learn. From books to podcasts. I have a specific notebook dedicated to all of these notes.

Shane Snow, the author, walks us through countless times in history where great men have completely gone against the traditional path to hack their way to the top. From presidents to programmers.

Here are the notes taken from Smartcuts:

Think in 10X terms. NOT a 10% improvement. Break it down and rebuild it for better results.

Think laterally when growing anything in your life.

Use Sinatra Style programming: Using someone else’s credibility to spring your success forward.

Most companies focus on breeding faster horses rather than building automobiles.

Companies whose aim in philanthropically large do much better in all areas than those who don’t.

SpaceX went against old-industry giants to be the first private space company ever. Now, they operate in 100X terms, not 10X terms.

Use productive laziness for success: If you only need a C to graduate a college class, but by doing so increase time to focus on important life tasks or projects, why would you work harder for an A?

Think in layers to improve upon anything in life.

Search for the least wasteful way to learn something or level up. The Effective Dose.

Rapid negative feedback is the single most important thing to ask clients and customers for. Negative is better than positive feedback.

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple” -Dr. Seuss

Level up before you are ready for a greater advantage.

DHH used the theory of layers within business and life to quickly level up.

Study and steal from masters for quick improvements and less waste.

Spend the shortest amount of time required to move to the next level up. NEVER take the traditional path.

What is your platform advantage?