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If you are new to here are some things I believe and stand for:

1. You should design and create the lifestyle you want to live. Stop filling in the blank spaces with check marks like everyone else. Instead, create your own boxes to fill.

2. Entrepreneurship is about more than just starting companies. Entrepreneurship is a journey into the unknown where you are constantly learning as you go. It is to accept that you are forever learning and a student.

3. You need to focus on the process and NOT the event. We always visualize the end result of our hard work but because of this we become stuck, unfulfilled by the tasks it takes to reach our end goals, never to achieve them. Learn to love the process and focus on it, the end result will come because of it.

I hope to inspire you, challenge you and share experiences that we can all understand. We will fail, more times than we care to admit but we will also succeed and create lives we truly want to live. I want to share my and other readers journeys through entrepreneurship, helping you minimize your failure along the way with strategies, case studies and other awesomeness.

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