A thought randomly occurred to me one morning while checking on my current sales numbers and replying to a message left from my VA – There are systems I’m currently using that when put together make incredible results possible. With system stacking, no longer did 2 + 2 = 4, instead 2 + 2 = 10…


I’m going to break down the current systems I use on a monthly basis to travel for free whenever I want, automate a growing cash flow business and build my wealth.


How To Create The Ultimate Trifecta of Systems

Stacking travel, business and automation for 10x output


If you’ve ever tried losing weight you may have started with simply working out a few days a week. This may have helped you make progress, but something profound happened when you paired working out with a better diet – Your results most likely would have doubled because of the two working together. This is the idea behind System Stacking. It’s taking two already amazing things, but then pairing them together in a way that increases the output of each system.


Travel hacking isn’t something new and I’ve talked about it for some time now. Using points and miles is an incredible way to begin traveling for a vastly decreased cost. Travel hacking is one of the easiest systems to put into place to increase your lifestyle and quality of life. So the first system I’ve put into place is a growing travel hacking hobby that I greatly benefit from.


The next and more important system in my opinion is the cash flow (Muse) business that provides me with increased and consistent income every month. This business, once set up optimally will allow me to move massive amounts of products without ever handling inventory, making sales or doing any sort of marketing. Using my business model I’m able to travel the world (using my points) and still have a growing income from anywhere in the world.


The last system that completes the trifecta of this stacked system is outsourcing. Again, nothing new, but think about how better your life and business becomes simply by outsourcing business and life tasks that you shouldn’t or don’t want to be doing. The key for me in using outsourcing is to automate the majority of this business so that I’m not creating a new job for myself, but creating an automated system that has one sole purpose – to provide me cash every single month.


On their own, each of the three systems provides an incredible benefit – Decreased travel costs, a monthly income and a VA to ensure that the income created from your cash flow business is never tied to your input time, but something amazing happens when you place these three specific systems together.


Travel hacking is all about building points and using sign up bonuses to create a massive amount of those points very quickly. This is typically done through various MS (manufactured spending) strategies so you aren’t actually required to spend the $4,000 within four months on three different cards at the same time. Pairing the travel hacking system with a cash flow system, especially one that has a large inventory cost each month means you can create a massive amount of points without paying any fees that are typically created from MS methods. On top of getting the sign up bonuses for a larger amount of cards, because of your spending, you are typically getting 2x points on ALL spending even after you reach the sign up bonus. By putting every cost on your credit cards you dramatically increase the amount of points and miles to can use each year.


A cash flow business should never be tied to your time. It should provide income regardless of how many hours you put in each week and your current location around the world. In order to effectively make this happen is by using subsystems and an affordable labor force. For me this is all solved through proper outsourcing with a virtual assistant. My VA is able to do everything I don’t want to do. My VA handles just about every system within my business and directly contributes to growing it. Not only does this mean less work for me, but means more income month over month.


You can see how each systems contributes to the other, creating a trifecta that dramatically increases their individual benefits to me. More travel without the cost, freedom of location thanks to a consistent income from my cash flow business and less work load thanks to my VA. This directly sums up an idea I’ve been considering for quite some time. There are three major things that can grant ultimate freedom when used together, similar to system stacking.


Freedom of location, Freedom of resources and Freedom of Time.


When you have all three you have true freedom. Many people have one or two, but those who truly live a great life have all three. The three freedoms are just the idea, whereas system stacking is the application and practice of achieving such an idea.


Final Thoughts


I want you to really think deeply about the above idea and system stacking, and how it can dramatically affect your life for the better. Start by putting one of the above systems in place and add-on from there. The hardest system to implement is the cash flow business, but you can start reaping the benefits from travel hacking and a VA immediately. You can even use your VA to assist you in building your cash flow business. There is no right way to do this, just find the way that works best for you and grow from there.


I’ll be delcing deeper on the idea of systems and how they play a major part in creating your ideal lifestyle. I’m building a small private group of people with the sole purpose of developing and publishing white papers on the subject matter of 10xing your quality of life. If you’re interested in becoming a part of this private group, leave a comment below and we can talk about the idea more specifically.