With the growing amount of startups and tools available to us, for the most part, completely free I wanted to bring one to your attention that will save you thousands of hours this year and really make your life smoother. From your startup to your personal life, Unroll.Me is by far something you cannot live without.

If you are like me, you are subscribed to way to many email lists and newsletters you just cannot let go of. Unfortunately this will eventually drive you crazy as your phone alerts you every 10 minutes with an amazing new email while your at work, at dinner, on a date or in a meeting. You can’t help but to look to see what it is and half the time it’s not that awesome (Only a few gems within the 20+ emails I get daily). Once you turn off your phone disappointed and put it back in your pocket, you get another email! Are you serious right now?!

Monster of an email

My Recent Yahoo Monster!

I recently made the fortunately easy switch from the horrible monster of an email client as Yahoo! to the zen that is Gmail. If you are considering making the switch yourself, go ahead and do it! You will not regret it. Gmail is incredibly smart and a much lighter service to work with. Yahoo! would consistently freeze and give me load errors.


Awesome resource for making the switch to Gmail: Making The Switch


Unroll.Me is the simplest solution for this huge email subscription problem. Once on the site, you can log into your new account with just your email and the site begins scanning your email for all of your subscriptions. Once completed you are presented with a list of subscriptions dating back to freshman year of high school with a list longer than Facebook’s source code. Just me……?

cleaning up your gmail inbox

Stats – Roll Up: 83 Unsubscribed: 252


Now comes the fun part: going through your list of crazyness. You have three options for each item on your list of subscriptions. You can either, unsubscribe (My most favorite option), keep in your inbox (Who’s got time for that?!) or add to your “Roll Up”. Your Roll Up is one email sent daily to you containing every email you added to your Roll Up. so instead of receiving twenty plus emails through out the day, I receive one well displayed email at 8:05pm every night containing everything I could ever care about. Not only does this allow you to take a break from checking your email multiple times throughout the day but Unroll.Me displays the title of the email, who its from and a snapshot of the emails content. You can quickly determine which emails are worth your time and interest and leave the rest for the deep spaces of the internet to be demolished by Wiki-Gnomes.

You can also choose when you want your Roll Up delivered (Morning, Afternoon or Evening) and if you want a grid view or list view. I personally like the evening option and the grid view. My schedule is all over the place and changes from week to week so I am able to check my Roll Up at night while winding down and the grid view gives you an awesome snap shot of each email without you going through each one.

Once a month I log back into Unroll.Me to check for any new subscription I may have joined for a free ebook or something I was truly interested in, I either add to my Roll Up or unsubscribe and move on with my day.

If you are interested in more hacks and interesting services like Unroll.Me leave a comment bellow on some of the problems you would like solved for a future post!