We all understand the struggle as entrepreneurs. We have multiple projects going at a time, unsure of which to focus on and no certainty of success whatsoever. For some of us, we spend years, making no money and being called crazy. For others, success is simply around the corner or at least within grasp.


With all of this chaos, how do you organize yourself to highly increase your chances of success?


Creating Clarity


If you don’t have a clear understanding of what you want, anything will do. Take the time to focus on what success truly means to you, from an emotional, physical and financial standpoint.


Clarity is the hidden power that grants you access to knowledge that clearly defines what actions you need to take to reach success. So many companies these days are simplifying. Instead of focusing on every metric possible, businesses like AppSump focus on one metric until it has been achieved.


Focusing on one simple metric forces you to clarify what you want.


Build Confidence


What do the most successful entrepreneurs and CEOs of the world have in common? Undoubting faith in themselves and their business. Insecurity can completely destroy you before you even get started. This is why all of your friends and family members with “amazing ideas” never pull the trigger to make it happen.


Sit down, think through what bothers you, what doubts you currently have and draft a plan to eliminate them as quickly as possible.


Once you have clarity and a direct understanding of where you want to go and what it will take, you need to build confidence to take action and make it happen.


Find Like Minded People


At some point in your life, you will need support (aka right now!).


Now that you understand where you want to go, what it will take and have the courage to do so, you need to be surrounded by people who are doing something similar or who have already accomplished a similar goal.


Would you rather learn how to make six figures a year from a friend who works at the local grocery store or the millionaire down the street? I’d bet money that the millionaire can get you to six figures a whole lot faster.


The kind of person you need to be to go from average income to six or even seven figures is very different. Surround yourself with those kinds of people and watch just how different they truly are.


Create Your Success Habits


Chances are you have a million things on your mind right now, so how can I ask you to think about even more? Because if you don’t take action every single day, your motivation will begin to drop and eventually you might burn out.


You need to take direct and effective action towards your goal each day.


Once you understand where you are going and what it will take, break it down into a smaller sub-goal you can do each and every day. If you were to write a book, would you lock yourself into a room for a month? Heck no, but you could focus on writing 500-1000 words each day.


Your daily actions add up to your larger goal quickly and guarantee consistent progress.


The barrier to entry is so incredibly low for starting a hugely successful business and for you to create your ideal life. It only takes clarity, understand and action.