Another awesome goal knocked off my list this year! I’ve always been a massive fan of Jason Bourne. Not just the movies, but the skills and assets he has as a person.

Have you noticed how he just appears in a new city or country out of nowhere?

Someone is paying for his plane ticket and hotel rooms and judging by his relationship with the C.I.A., they won’t be helping out anytime soon.

So what’s the closest a normal person can get to that kind of location freedom? The amazing art of Travel Hacking given by Live Your Aloha! This is a unique hobby of accumulating massive amounts of miles and points that allow you to travel essentially for free with lots of fun.

It’s nothing like your uncle Bill who has built up 50,000 Amex points over ten years. Oh no, this is how to build a storage of millions of points over the course of a single year and traveling your heart out.

In the past I’ve written posts on how I get $500 in free travel every month or a pretty general overview of travel hacking and becoming a global spy like Jason Bourne.

The reason I feel that I’ve successfully completed this goal is because of a few things – I’ve accumulated roughly 200,000 points over the last year, took a weekend trip that would have cost $1,000 for only $100 with my girlfriend and have begun to write for a friends site ( on this very subject. Needless to say, I’ve got this down.

travel hacking post

Our Weekend Trip To Savannah For $100 (Included a Jr. Suite, $118 dinner and $35 drinks at the bar, est. $1,000)

I’m now one step closer to actually being the real life Jason Bourne.

This has become a very strong hobby for myself and something I talk frequently with others about. I now have the skillset to travel anywhere, whenever I want.  

I’ll continue to build up my points stash for future trips and random musings around the world and share my methods, destinations and guides to all things becoming Jason Bourne.