Building new habits is something I have been studying for a very long time. Having a hacker mindset I wanted to know the shortest path for creating healthy new habits for myself. I apply the same methodology to learning a new skill; What is the shortest path of knowledge I can learn that will give me the highest results in a given time-frame. Obviously this isn’t best for mastering a new skill but a good jump-start when setting out to learn something new. I have tried multiple ways to create new habits, with many of them failing within the first week.

I have finally found something that worked right away and continues to help me create healthy new habits for myself. Because this is a shorter post, I focused mostly one how I instantly fixed my sleeping in and another great app to use while attacking any new habit. These tools may not work for everyone but they worked perfectly for me.

Lift is a web app and mobile app that allows you to add new habits to your life and tracks your progress. Once a new habit is completed for 30 days (The average time to make something an actual habit) You get a nice little animation and can move on to the next habit you wish to create.

I have stacked multiple small habits with Lift with success such as drinking enough water every day, writing 750 words per day and my favorite, being grateful for 5 things every single day. Creating your own habits with Lift is easy but utilizing their trending or popular habits is where you will really grow as a person. Others have created not only habits but mini-courses you can accomplish within 30 days such as learning Yoga, becoming a better blogger (Loved this one!) and other amazing productivity habits. Each day is something new and a progression for you so no repetition!

Habit Clock

This app has changed my sleep schedule from day one! I have tried to hack my sleep many times without success. My body naturally rests until 10:30 in the morning. Although not a complete waste of my day, it still takes a couple of hours that could be productive. When I set out to change this, I tested multiple methods and apps but none of them actually worked. The first morning I was awake at 9:30 am and ready to go while testing Habit Clock.

Habit Clock helps you create a morning routine, as simple or intricate as you’d like. You then set your wake up time and your done. At the specified wake up time a soft alarm will go off. Once you unlock your phone it begins ticking (Not For Long… Don’t Worry!), counting how long it takes for you to accomplish the first task in your routine. This method really gets you moving in the morning!

I currently have 4 tasks in my morning routine including; Waking Up, Morning Hygiene, Drink Protein and Checking Wunderlist. So not only am I able to wake up at a completely reasonable time, by 10am I am completely awake, have some kind of breakfast and already know what I need to accomplish for the day.

For some this may seem like sleeping in or being lazy but for those who are not morning people like myself and who’s body requires at least 10 hours of sleep a night, you understand how big of a problem this can be. I will keep waking up at 9:30am for the rest of this week but will gradually wake up earlier to my desired time. I would like to be awake by 8am and get my body to be productive and functional with less amount of sleep, if possible. To accomplish that goal, each week I will wake up 30 minutes earlier depending on how my body reacts to the amount of sleep and time. Within a short period of time, I will be a morning person and hopefully more productive overall.