I wanted to start running small experiments over the course of a weekend or just one day and see what would happen (if this goes well, I will keep doing it). I’ve been playing with Photoshop a bit lately, although I’m terrible and wanted to do a little project.

The Forum Experiment

I’ve been a member of a “hacker” forum for the past few years. Don’t worry it’s not that hardcore. It’s mostly people my age talking about nerdy stuff. The best part about this forum is its Marketplace section. Here, you can buy hacking tools, gaming accounts and much more.

The sub section that has the majority of my attention is what’s called the “Ebook Bazarr”. This is a section of the marketplace where people sell (mainly “how to earn”) ebooks.

ebook bazarr

I’ve chatted with plenty of users who make insane amounts of money with their sales threads and ebooks. In the past, i’ve attempted to launch my very own ebook in the marketplace but with very little success. I think the most i’ve ever made was $20.

I blamed my terrible thread design. Most of these highly successful ebook authors have created incredibly designed sales threads that make you almost beg to purchase. Then, there was me with just text….. Embarrassing.

With my new found itch of testing another launch, I began gathering my resources. I wanted to create everything: thread design, product etc… without spending a dime.

Gathering My Resources

After a decent amount of Googling, I found tons of completely free Photoshop templates I could download and use within my design.

hacker forum experiment

I honestly thought I would need more but I only used a small amount of graphics and made the design to have a transparent background so it flowed with the forums design.

The product was a method I have been testing that is quite passive. I wrote an extensive ebook explaining exactly how to do this method. The product was priced at $9.99 and I gave away 2 free or “vouch” copies as they are called to help the thread take life and begin generating initial sales.

The Results

In total this took around Three hours from start to finish (mostly due to my lack of design/photoshop skills).

So how much did my ebook do in sales? $0…

This was a fun little experiment but I cannot seem to crack the forum ebook marketplace like others. I’ve reached out to other members who have had success to see if they would be willing to share some insights to help me if I ever get the urge to test this again.

You are going to fail from time to time. You can’t expect to hit home runs every time.