Wilderness Survival, Becoming A Golf Pro and What I Have Planned For 2016

It seems like 2015 flew by, but so much has changed in my life it’s crazy to reflect on. That’s why I love writing a post like this. I really get to reflect on the past year instead of letting everything fade into the back of my memory. I want to share everything that has happened to me this year, the good and the bad. I also want to publically share what my goals and focus will be for 2016. I’ve learned it’s much better to clarify your focuses for the whole year and to be extremely clear on them from the start.


I really don’t believe in setting new year’s resolutions as they carry a terribly mentality. Instead, focus on making 2-3 big wins for the year and setup routines or systems to ensure they happen.


My Failures


When I think about it 2015 was the year of failure, although it started very strong. From the beginning I became the 2nd best personal trainer in knowledge and sales at the company I worked at within a short period of time. My confidence was through the roof! I was stronger than ever, deadlifting 400+ lbs makes you walk a little taller I’ve learned.


I decided I needed to finish my degree. It kept hovering over my head, never fleeting for a moment. If I didn’t go back now it would only get harder as I got older so I bit the bullet and went back full time. I couldn’t imagine being capable of training so many clients and being a full time student so I stopped training.


This would have been the biggest mistake of the year. After my second semester I found I was capable of so much more than I originally thought. Now, I’m back at my old terrible job and miserable because of it. As I write this post I’m waiting for a meeting to start personal training again. I’m currently making ⅓ of what I was making as a trainer which means I need to work 3x the amount of hours for the same amount of income. How insane is that?!


My Successes


No year is without success. Even in such a hectic and “failure” stricken year that I experienced so much success has come from it. I’ve become more analytical in my thinking and decision making. Something I originally used too much emotion for.


I’ve now been in a year long relationship with the person I truly believe is the one I’ll spend the rest of my life with.


My finances are highly tuned for optimal automation and success thanks to following Ramit Sethi’s book.


Going back to school was a challenging but worth wild decision. I’ve worked hard to gain a 3.5 GPA and plan on joining the honor society in Spring. I’ve been fortunate enough to tackle two of my yearly goals at once: Starting my AA degree and learning a new language (ASL).


American Sign Language is not easy, but the culture and environment is truly amazing. Having a deaf teacher has made all the difference in completing ASL I.


The Wrap Up


In total I’ve accomplished the following:


  • Started my AA degree
  • Completed ASL I (my first foreign language)
  • Achieved a 3.5 GPA
  • Finely tuned my finances for investing, savings and increased credit score (750 FICO!)
  • Became more analytical in making decisions
  • Going back t personal training for increased income and more free time


My Plans For 2016


This coming year is going to be amazing! I’ve decided to become more driven to accomplishing the many tasks on my Impossible list. Each year I want to have at least one new experience and master one new skill set. This year I’m going to survive in the wilderness for one week (the experience) and master Golf (the skill).

Here is what 2016 looks like for me:


  • Master golf
  • Backpack The Appalachian Trail for 1 week
  • Start personal training again
  • Join Honor Society
  • Complete ASL II
  • Complete AA degree


I’m going to completely break down how I plan on accomplishing each of these goals in individual posts and then a completion post once I’m done.


For golf I plan on hacking the whole thing and success in my mind is breaking 80s within 12 months. I could possibly do this in a shorter period of time, but with training and school I’m giving myself some lean way.


As for the survival portion I plan on backpacking the appalachian trail for one week either by myself or with a few friends depending on who can go. I’ll be doing some endurance and strength training to make the experience easier on my body and have already begun saving for the experience. I’ll have a full post dedicated to my preparation for accomplishing this goal as well.  


In each post I’ll break down my strategy for attacking each goal, it’s total estimated cost, my routines and every other detail I can muster to remember. I’m taking the Tim Ferriss approach to each so this should be very fun!


I hope 2016 is your year to shine and knock off a few things from your bucket/impossible list!