“What Gets Measured, Gets Managed” – Peter Drucker

This quote has beed at the forefront of my mind the past few weeks and with good reason. Many of CEOs and founders have spoken about the importance of focusing on one important metric and letting that be the determination of your success. As I focus down on creating a successful training business (although I am starting at a local gym to build clients), it is incredibly important to conduct myself as a business. After all, I only make money when I am training. Everything, is on my shoulders. Sound familiar?


I have decided to create a simple spread sheet doc on Google Drive to run weekly checks on my business. I am sure the variables of my doc will change as time goes on and my experience shows what works and what does not. For the mean time, I will be focusing on the following metrics and increasing them:

  • New People Met
  • Recommendations From Current Clients (to better their experience with me)
  • Referrals (Very important!)
  • New Leads
  • New Clients
  • Increase In Revenue (most important)
  • Conversion Ratios (because i‘m such a nerd…)

The overall goal is to meet as many new people as possible, turn them into leads which leads to them becoming client. From there I will work hard to progress them towards achieving their goals and making their experience as great as possible, which will then lead to referrals. Finally, if all is done correctly my revenue will also increase.

Because I will be focusing on this in weekly increments, I also have a section within my spread sheet that keeps a tally of my totals so I know how much it all adds up and my monthly income at the current time. I am calling this my “Weekly Growth Check” as it is designed (sounds fancy right?) to focus on nothing but growing my business.

With the weight of passing my exam and being certified lifted from my shoulders, I can finally focus on what I enjoy: building something that helps people. I cannot wait to see how this all turns out and the amount of knowledge I will gain. As time goes on I will be sharing everything I am doing to grow my business, including the failures along the way.

For those of you who are interested in my entrepreneurship posts or how to become an entrepreneur, you will still find plenty of gems in the posts to come. What I will be sharing can be applied to any business and I will keep that in mind while writing my posts.