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    I’m Dillon..

    Entrepreneur, Hacker and Future Mad Scientist

    From traveling to tech, I blog about it all. I’ve started a company, sold it and now I’m back in college to take my technical knowledge to the next level to mesh the business and problem solving side with a new technical skillset!

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I love talking about starting and growing a small business. I post frequently on the subject and love connecting with like-minded people.
Mainly dedicated to starting an online business, these resources will get you farther than 90% of people getting started. *These will be geared more towards technical projects moving forward.
This is an ever growing to-do list for my life. No matter what I want to experience, learn or build, it goes on this list to be checked off. Each year I can only focus on 3 items to accomplish.
Coming Soon! As I switch this blog from strictly business to a more technical view, things will change.
August 3, 2015

Join the new rich. A group of people actively designing their ideal lives and creating income streams to fund an incredible life.

July 28, 2015

I believe anyone, from any situation or circumstance can rise to the top of the social class using a framework. We no longer have excuses, but it does take time and it isn’t easy. I know what I’m saying is a bit controversial, but stick with me for a bit and open your mind to…